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Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra: 27 EAST

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Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra


WERE YOU AT THE IAJE CONFERENCE IN 1998? If you were, read on... This is a selection inspired by the absurd experience of having fallen asleep in the front row of The Carnegie Hall Jazz Band's performance at the 1998 IAJE Conference at the Mariott Marquis in NYC, whereby Director, Jon Faddis, in seeking to make sport of this incident, instructed 3,000 audience members to holler "Wake Up!" at me...which ultimately had no effect upon my slumber. I found out later that FRIENDS of mine in the band such as Dick Oatts, Ralph Lalama, Gary Smulyan and Earl Gardner were taking gentlemen's bets on whether or not I would actually wake up. While you will indeed hear my primary melody first, clearly Brahms has supplied the secondary melody for my altered lyrics, juxtaposed.


Lullaby, and goodnight. Go to sleep, pretty baby. Close your eyes and in time you're dreamin' for the night. Go to sleep... Lullaby, and goodnight, sleep, dream... WWWWWWAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe she's really asleep? Gotta wake up, wake her up!