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All Good. Moving Right Along...

As of just a few moments ago, I submitted a major grant application for funding for "Slices of the Gradient." I'll post more about other plans for the same, shortly. Perhaps I will even post the Statement of Plans as submitted. All rested (well, maybe not rested), certainly refreshed from having spent time with friends at the beach, including yesterday at Long Beach, NY, I am looking forward to beginning my lessons with my private students in addition to connecting with a number of school and college music programs in the interest of booking clinics. Please don't hesitate to inquire if you think your child's school district/PTA organization might be interested. Likewise, college jazz programs are great fun to work with. Free pdf downloads with further information are available on the PRODUCTS page of this website. Scroll down until you see "Clinics." Considering the extended work on the table, perhaps there are some college jazz ensemble directors who might wish to co-commission a movement of "Slices of the Gradient." More later. Right now, I have to get my act together to get to Yankee Stadium as the guest of my dear friend, trumpet player Jami Dauber, who is playing The Star Spangled Banner with the brass section form the DIVA Jazz Orchestra! If you're in New York, tune in!! Never been to BP before! :-) --AB