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Chac Mol

I am very excited to have suddenly realized that I have other photographs of Chac Mol (Chac Mool), the aforementioned cenote in Mexico, that illustrate the beauty of this underwater cavern. While they are wonderful photographs, they are very different in composition than the photograph that inspired some very beautiful musical sketches. However, closer examination of rock formations reveals that one is, in fact, shot from nearly the same location as the one that is taped to the wall next to my piano. I have inquired with the person who shared them with me as to whether or not I may post them to show you. Awaiting word on who owns them... Stay tuned! :-) It's so wonderful an opportunity to talk to so many artist friends about the options available to bring "Slices of the Gradient" to fruition. Steve Wilson just called to apologize (apologize??) for not being able to return a business call a few weeks back. NO NEED to apologize Steve! But how GREAT is it that he, this beautiful spirit of a man, called me TODAY, while I'm so excited about the direction this project will take! You guys know Steve...great sax player...all the NYC stellar big bands AND Chick Corea! One of my favorite people. Love the energy he brings! We could talk for HOURS! ...Reminding me to send love and light to those of troubled heart and deep wounds. (Aww...) Regarding a different color energy, try to remember Al Franken's SNL character "Stewart Smalley" and his "Daily Affirmations." I'm thinking about that... Still laughing! --AB Oh. By the way, see that logo of me conducting at the top of this page? I drew that with oil crayons! Know how I thought of it? :-) Krista Wortendyke shot the photo that inspired it in an ABJO rehearsal. It is in the jacket of "27 EAST." I loved it so much I drew my own interpretation...which I own the copyright to! How cool is THAT! Do you see where I'm going with this?