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While my excursion to the northeast corner of Massachusetts was "wall to wall" great fun, I am once again at home. I guess I needed to get away because this place doesn't seem to be choking me so much now (the apartment itself). I had the opportunity to vent about frustrations regarding the dynamics surrounding the use and/or non-use of the particular photographs that initially inspired "Slices of the Gradient" to some good friends, who were amused and confounded, even astonished with the photographer's retraction of permission for use. Still other friends offered their knowledge and insights, sharing the outcomes of stories about copyright infringement. Each had wonderful ideas and encouraging words for navigating the eminent obstacle course, reminding me that the photographs have already served their purpose and are no longer needed. If you have no clue as to what I'm talking about just scroll back to the first entry of this blog in late August. Interestingly I realized that sitting on the beach in Salisbury, MA doesn't quite yield the same kind of focus and will to create as doing the same in Montauk, NY. I think perhaps this is because I have long standing associations with Salisbury as being a place where I expect social interaction rather than production of a new product in my solitude. There are many distractions, particularly on a visit after five years. Of course, there are more people to see than the hours in the day allow, and the beach holds me with an invisible chain until the sun fades or the wind shifts...whichever comes first. I'd like to thank all my friends for their hospitality, their efforts to visit me on the beach, their company and great spirit(s) and for being outraged, appalled and wholly supportive with regard to the aforementioned. It's great to be able to share and think through this stuff out loud with people who appreciate and understand my motives and genuinely inspired thoughts. Thanks also for the many laughs and warm memories, and again, your company, in tandem with the fried scallops, broiled scallops, Drunken Clams, clam chowdah, fresh lobster, baked haddock, Willey's Plain Penuche Fudge, chocolate cake and the cabernet, cabernet, and the cabernet...and the white wine too. Photos of the trip are posted on my Facebook wall. I hope you'll stop by and see a few. Back to the grind...while the Yankees have a night off and I can concentrate. --AB And Happy Birthday today to Dave Smith, one of my favorite students of all time...who was in the 8th grade during my very first year as a full-time, contracted teacher in Glastonbury, CT. Did I NOT TELL YOU that you needed a brand new (1984) Les Paul? I'm glad you still have it. Sorry I missed you on this trip. Next time dude. Kiss the kids for Auntie Anita. Happy Birthday!