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Inspiration Undaunted...but JEEZ LOUISE!!!

LOL I have been laughing through this whole "wellspring" of writing, inhaling and drinking in everything that good, inspired material offers. However, today at precisely 6:15 pm, I had a 'figurative' head-on collision. I suddenly had to begin crawling under razor barbed wire, seeking to...escape "THE ENEMY!" (NOT health-care-debate related!) LOL!!!!!!!! There are always enemies of the creative process. The telephone is one, TV is another, laundry, e-mails, Facebook and bright sunshine that beckons. Usually the enemy is not human. OH...WAIT!!!!!!! I wonder if this one is... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm............. That which does not kill me strengthens my resolve and taps my resourcefulness! Never underestimate the power of the inspired idea. I've been saying it for years!!!!!! :-) I'm having SUCH a great night! I hope you are too!! Alas, I discovered the barbed wire to be made of rubber and not terribly sharp after all. Go create something NEW! GO! --AB And...some rather crude home video coming soon to introduce two new tunes. Very exciting!!