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Some OTHER Photos of Chac Mol (Chac Mool)

The natives spell the name of this underwater cavern, or 'cenote,' Chac Mool. Perhaps Chac Mol is an American concept of its spelling. I would like to thank my Facebook friend, whom I shall call Ms. Torres for now, for allowing me to use her beautiful photos of Chac Mool for this website, now posted! :-) I'm so glad she friended me back in April. She is a brilliant, bilingual woman who writes about diving for online sources. You can see a picture of her as she swims in Chac Mool without any diving equipment. Amazingly, in one of these photos we see nearly the same perspective as the photograph that tapped my subconscious for some very strong musical material. It seems the other photographer may have been standing further to the right and possibly ducking down in order to observe and "wait for the shot," which I know he is in the habit of. Muchas gracias a Ms. Torres for a beautiful look into Chac Mool. Now perhaps you can see why I was so taken with a deliberate shot captured with attention to line and framing by an experienced artist's eye. So long as the mysteriously absent shot of Chac Mol (the other spelling) continues to accompany me on my journey in developing the concept and the music for this project, it will serve its purpose. Permission to utilize an image for this task is never required, as it is not a violation of any intellectual property laws. Hope you'll take the time to comment on the guestbook about this beautiful place on earth! Just click on PHOTOS! They are in the section entitled "Slices of the Gradient." --AB