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When I was younger and spending my life at our ocean-front property at 62 Central Ave in Salisbury, MA, I always told myself that it was important to take a lesson from one of my favorite movies and remember that "if I'm ever looking to fill my heart's discontent...well I won't look any further than my own back yard," (which at the time was sand, leading to the state beach). Tonight, as a twenty-odd year resident of Nyack, NY, I suddenly realized that I once again need not look ANY further than "my own back yard" to find answers to a potentially formidable creative dilemma. My long time friends, like Gale Cruz (singer extraordinaire) and Theresa MacDonnell and Joe Mosello (all my 'girlfriends') are well aware of my creative endeavors as well as the obstacles I may face, and stand in complete support while understanding the ramifications of my intentions. Conversations with these closest of friends always generate incredible ideas for forward motion. Add to that, "my own back yard" in the literal sense: my favorite pub, O'Donoghue's Tavern where I have the incredible opportunity) on Thursdays and certain other nights) to have a nice glass of wine, a great dinner AND creative talk with my favorite bartender (see pix on facebook for My 50th b-day) Jimmy. Jim Winans is an accomplished painter. His favoured medium: oils. He understands copyright, ownership and how to respectfully bypass the need for agreement between artists in collaboration, and other such issues. So I'm GOOD TO GO! It's almost like taking candy from a child. LOL It's so simple and so sweet...on this day when permission to use a particular set of visual images for "Slices of the Gradient" was unequivocally retracted. In addition, this project is morphing as I write this, into a much larger scale production than previously imagined. More details shortly. The creative process, the muse, the medium, the's all so precious and priceless. I wish for everyone to experience this at least once in their lifetime. Alas, some of small heart cannot find this place. (Can somebody give me a line from "The Grinch That Stole Christmas" here?) I firmly believe that a grandiose lesson in life is the one The Grinch learned. Learned under one's own steam, it is far more valuable a lesson than if learned via lecture. Generosity of Spirit is high level energy. I love people with high levels of generous spirit, for they lead the way. Those who are fearful of being generous, who are fearful of being trusting will lose in the end. Perhaps there is great and surprising monetary reward for the trusting soul. Particularly when the trust may extend far into the past. Perhaps I am to see myself mirrored in this scenario concerning this "image-maker," as a person who may have previously been fearful to "allow" use. Frequently, when we don't know the people making such requests, it is hard to know the right decisions. Other times, when we know someone for decades, it seems easy to trust, but is this is not always reciprocated. "What's the bottom line Anita?" The bottom line is, it's late. I'm going to bed. I have not lost ANYTHING! I have not lost "permission" to use images for "Slices of the Gradient." I am embracing new opportunities; new ways of thinking. The painter says, "Sometimes we add, sometimes we subtract..." It's time to subtract; leave the original idea behind and work from there. Use the originals as a springboard, and be willing to give it up. On deck: A lesson in Boston with Mark DeVoto, Ph.D. (student of Walter Piston at Harvard, editor of Piston/DeVoto Harmony text, composer and keeper of a universe of 'useless knowledge' (in his own words...) not to mention my calligraphy & orchestration teacher at UNH... We will look at the PHOTOGRAPHS together and the existing musical sketches in order that this may prompt discussion of traditional (vs. jazz concept) development in structure and harmonic relationships between moevements. Very excited to see DeVoto! A trip to MY beach at Salisbury, MA (the aforementioned 'back yard') will be great fun. This piece is well underway, for which I am grateful, as it forces me to react. That's all we can do. React. The work will be all the better for it. REACT! previously held reservation for posting some simple home video of two new tunes I finished has lifted! Happily I can report that it would be a positive thing to unleash these two tunes. :-) Lyrics on the MUSIC page of this site...under "Funk Stuff." Now click your heels three times and say..."There's no place like home...There's no place like home...There's no place like home..."