Anita Brown


World Premiere Event, September 10, 2011

Stand: Movement V. Stand (includes last "Taps" from Mvmt IV.)

Anita Brown
Anita Brown


A N I T A B R O W N J A Z Z O R C H E S T R A Presents A Program Honoring America’s Collective Grief and Resilience Relating to Our National Tragedy on September 11, 2001 September 10, 2011 ~ A World Premiere ~ Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra Composed, Arranged & Conducted by Anita Brown An original symphony for jazz orchestra in five movements V.Stand Solos: Tim Armacost, tenor; Dave Pietro, alto Vocalists: Holly Durniak, Lee Finkelstein, Nina Hennessey, Nicole Pasternak, Louise Rogers, Haley Swindal, Marine GySgt. James Wallace, Friends & You, The Audience, Crafted in this segue to seemingly grow out of Taps, the melody for this finale is stated several times in the orchestration before inviting you, the audience, to sing in unison, six times with the vocalists. In unison there is strength; out of many, one; E Pluribus Unum. This melody, composed on September 17, 2001 was created without inner dialogue, complete with lyrics and title. The inspiration to incorporate The Silent Drill Platoon into the fabric of this work is a result of connections I sensed between the needs of this melody and the profound strength their performances offered me. Were it not for my discovering their videos online, this piece would not have taken on a structure akin to a symphony. This melody was composed during the remarkable window of time immediately following September 11, 2001, when New Yorkers and all Americans joined together as one people. My intention in composing this piece is to invite and inspire you, the audience, to reflect, heal and Stand together, united as one; to view each others’ perspectives as valid and to honor the diversity that makes us who we are. Note from Anita: [Being that this is a *live* recording at an outdoor venue, and that the sound/recording engineers had no rehearsal, this mix is amazing. Outdoor venues offer no natural reverb, among a plethora of other challenges. The only spot where I would like to change the balance is at 8:08 in this track's time code, where my intention was for the lead trumpet to be IN YOUR FACE loud. If you listen at that point, you will hear a familiar, iconic phrase, and perhaps understand why. With a little effort you can hear it in your imagination as I do from the podium. ~AB]


We will Stand, We will Stand tall. We will Stand and never fall. We will Stand, We will Stand strong. We will Stand united one and all.