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Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra at The Tea Lounge: Size Matters!!!

I am happy to announce that  

Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra, and

Featured Guest Artist, Ted Brown, Tenor Sax (a.k.a. "Dad")

...will perform as part of the "Size Matters" series, curated by my esteemed colleague, JC Sanford, at The Tea Lounge in Brooklyn, NY. 


While there is an event listing posted on Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra's Facebook fan page, it seem far easier to announce in this manner, which feeds into Facebook, given my personal challenges with technology.  (ugh)   :-)

Please join us at:

The Tea Lounge, 837 Union St., Brooklyn New York 11215

(718)789-2762  (Reservations are not necessary.)

By Train: R Train to Union St., or Q/B Trains to 7th Ave.


Monday, July 26, 2010, Sets at 9:00 & 10:30 pm

Suggested Donation: $10


Summer time is sometimes a challenging time to secure regular personnel due to so many summer jazz camps festivals and family activities making demands upon these wonderful players.  I am excited to fill the last few chairs for this gig, but happy to announce the following in the way of personnel...and in particular...the RETURN of the brilliant GREG GISBERT to my trumpet section!!


I'm very happy to announce that my father, Ted Brown, a recorded jazz artist and an original member of The Lennie Tristano School,  will, for the first time, sit in on my arrangements of his own compositions!

Band Personnel:

Reeds:  Dave Pietro, Marc Phaneuf, Tom Christensen, Virginia Mayhew, Ed Xiques

Trumpets: Jon Owens, Seneca Black, Alex Norris, Greg Gisbert

Trombone:  Bruce Eidem, Mike Christianson, Jason Miller, Jeff Nelson

Rhythm:  Mike Holober, Leo Huppert, Ray Marchica

Flailing Arms At Podium 'Til Music Stops:  "Yours Truly"  :-)


Hope you can join us!!!!!!! 

Thank you for supporting LIVE music!!!


The Tea Lounge serves food, teas, coffees and libations.  Pick your poison!


Photos of ABJO in rehearsal are in the photo gallery of this website as well as our Facebook Fan Page.

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