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Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra Debuts on YouTube!

On August 27, 2010n ten videos of Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra's July 26th performance at The Tea Lounge were uploaded to YouTube. Four videos were shot by Jack Frisch of in HiDef. Five videos were shot with my little Nikon by Marsha Bowe, my student and apprentice. One video was shot on the same camera by Alex Norris while I played a new tune for some of the guys in my band after our rehearsal at The Union in midtown Manhattan. I'm really ecstatic to finally have a presence on YouTube and am grateful for the permission granted by each individual player to post! You can search "anitabrownjazz" on YouTube or go to the links page and find direct links there. I just thought I would mention that I find it excruciatingly tedious to blog from my BlackBerry while sitting in the service waiting room at Sears Automotive. They have a nice TV that blasts ONLY infomercials. Nice. :) Apparently I picked up a spring in my tire (not to be confused with a spring in my step, like when I was in DC). I'm awaiting word as to whether or not it can be fixed. "Here's a single chick! Let's tell her she needs 14 new tires!". ~:-{

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