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"He is proudly in command of his CH-53..."

This has been really amazing! What a privilege... I always follow my nose when I'm writing music. I never question the idea, whether it is musical or to reach out and ask questions or assistance of someone who knows more than I. Last fall I composed a tune called "Major Nepenthe." In conversation, a friend had the idea of having the sound of the rotars of the Sikorsky CH-53 D (Sea Stallion) or E (Super Stallion) (respectively, medium/heavy lift helicopters) in the production mix of a track when I finally get to record the tune, led me to ask a number of questions about the availability of such material. What happened was pretty amazing. Through a series of phone calls I made a new friend in a Lt. Col of The United States Marine Corps who is in charge of the logistics for this beast. I learned that Sikorsky is now making the successor to the heavy left "Echo" (E) Super Stallion. It is called the CH-53K and its lift capacity exceeds that of the D by three. The first one is in the works and all who are involved here are very excited, as I have become. I was privileged to attend the Change of Command ceremony and meet both officers. They find my plight of acquiring audio of their helo for the purposes of my musical endeavors amusing and want to hear the crude demo for "Major Nepenthe." :) At the same time, armed with newly printed business cards for a project I have yet to publicize, but will any minute now...the response has been truly outstanding. This afternoon I will have the opportunity to meet with a pilot and hear some of these aircraft for my production purposes. Tonight, another celebration of the Captain's retirement. You can hear my crude living room demo of "Major Nepenthe" at the music page on this website Just click on the title for the lyrics & back story. The new project I alluded to is called "Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra." It is a piece in five movements intended to commemorate the American experience of September 11, 2001. My goal is to have a premiere on or about September 11, 2011, either in NYC or the Washington, DC area. Please visit a special website for the project and leave a comment on the guestbook. Visit Always follow the idea...that's what Sikorsky did too. ~AB

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