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"O Magazine" Submission

Yesterday one of the journalists who recently interviewed me asked me to please prepare a 100 word paragraph about the "AHAAAA!!! Moment" described on, for submission to Oprah's "O Magazine." Apparently they are gathering a number of these for publication this summer. She got the editor to accept my submission beyond the deadline and is hand delivering mine to said editor. :) Thanks Elzy!! Here is my submission: "Early in 1995 I found myself unhappy teaching music in the public schools. While watching Oprah with my best friend Gale, we were deeply inspired by Dr. Carolyn Myss’ introduction of Anatomy of The Spirit. We immediately headed to Barnes & Noble and each bought a copy. Oprah continued to lead me on a spiritual journey through a plethora of books. This gave me the courage to forsake that career and pursue jazz composition. On 9/10/11, Stand will be premiered in commemoration of 9/11/01 with my band, Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra and USMC Silent Drill Platoon: Thanks Oprah! ~Anita"

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