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Send In The Marines!

I couldn't be happier to announce that The United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon has availed themselves to the premiere of my piece of performance art conceived to integrate their performance with my jazz orchestra. Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra will be premiered with Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra under my baton and will feature The Silent Drill Platoon in Nyack, NY on September 10, 2011, in commemoration of the American experience of our national tragedy of September 11, 2001. While I await confirmation of paperwork, the Captain in charge of Operations for the precision drill team indicates that it "...shouldn't be a problem Ma'am." Please visit the calendar and check back for updates! This is a daunting task so please be sure to visit the website where you can help with a tax-deductible donation through Fractured Atlas. Visit


Anita, I forwarded your press release about raising money for Stand to fellow musicians in the Nova Jazz Orchestra (MN)

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