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So Excited!!

While I have been thinking about the many opportunities I have had to write a blog entry, something seems to always get in the way. As someone who kept a journal daily for a ridiculous number of years, one would think this would be a piece of cake. I will try to be more vigilant now that there is a proper blog format set up.

So, WHY so excited today? may ask... Not quite sure, but the tune I finished in April or so, entitled Major Nepenthe (piano/vocal living room demo & back story on music page, photos in photo gallery) has some very exciting potential. While I have not yet written its horn arrangement I do have in my head a clearer and clearer picture of its recording production.

Today I finally made contact with Lt. Col Phillips, USMC, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing in Louisiana. We talked on the phone about the possibility of my securing some audio of the CH-53D and CH-53E, along with photographs that would be cleared for my use in recording and selling a properly recorded and produced track of Major Nepenthe. Not only is Lt. Col. Phillips agreeable to assist me in this endeavor, but the fact is he will soon be transferred to Maryland and be in command of "logistics" for said aircraft. When I mentioned my interest in driving down and seeing and/or recording these beasts for myself, (with engines RUNNING) he was more than agreeable! HOW EXCITING!!!



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