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Stand: Movement V. Stand

On Monday June 6th I will have the privilege of teaching the 10-measure unison vocal theme to from Stand's Mvmt V. Stand (the name of movement 5 is "Stand") members of the Nyack High School Music Department under Director Dr. Doug Bish, along side United States Marine Corps SSgt. James Wallace, Musician Placement Director from the First Marine Corps District in Garden City, NY. SSgt. Wallace is a drummer whom I met on my trip to Washington at the beginning of May. He and I will teach the simple 10-measure unison vocal theme (which was composed on September 17, 2001) to the students and subsequently play through some different options I am experimenting with, as he plays some different drum feels or "grooves" I am considering for this movement. In this manner the students will hopefully feel invested in the creation and performance of this piece and become instrumental in assisting me in encouraging the audience to sing along at the end of the piece at its premiere. Meanwhile they will be privy to observing SSgt. Wallace assisting me in working through aspects of the creative process for this unique movement, which juxtaposes jazz improvisation and militaristic material. Look for photos soon (when I fix my computer memory deficiency). The Marines may take some photos to post as well. The 10-measure theme will soon be posted as a free, downloadable pdf for all of you as well. SING IT LOUDLY!!!!!!! :) I will also be broadcasting *live* on another online interview out of Baltimore, MD Monday, June 6th at 6:00pm on "Cool Jazz Conversations" Click here: ~AB

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