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Today my copy of JazzEd Magazine's September issue arrived in the mail.  Did you get yours? 

I am happy to report that the first installment of my column entitled "The Leading Edge" is in print.  This column will continue to illuminate the perspective of nine of New York's iconic lead players of alto sax, trombone and trumpet.

Please check back for my posts of these players' unedited answers and blog activity.  Ask questions if you like, as they are all aware that a discussion may ensue with YOU, the readers and students of readers of JazzEd Magazine.

My thanks to my friends and colleagues, the nine wonderful players who gave so much to make this possible...and I'm not done YET!!  :-)

Those players include...
Alto Sax:  Dave Pietro, Steve Wilson, Dick Oatts
Trombone:  Mark Patterson, Keith O'Quinn, John Fedchock
Trumpet:  Jon Owens, Tony Kadleck, Earl Gardner

Be sure to check back often!!

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Practice, listen, listen and practice...


Thanks for all you do. Its much appreciated and loved by me.

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