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Now that I have seen the commercial photographers' shots of this enormous and beautiful fountain at Carlton Gardens in Melbourne, Australia, I have to say--always being objective--that Whatizzname's shot I am calling "The Fountain" is even more amazing than I had thought. While all the commercial photographers are bringing the building and the fountain's pool of water into the shot, "JH" (we'll call him...) has purposefully found a way not to show us the water pool or the expansive landscaping that surrounds it. He has chosen his shooting location more than deliberately and with his camera's settings has taken advantage of nature's spotlight. He has made the subject of his photograph the light that illuminates the spraying water. It is brilliantly framed and planned. It's a shame he will not allow it to be posted. In searching for yellow lily pads and hot pink water lilies online, I find one thus far, but none that offers the stark, stunning contrast of color and perspective of composition with regard to line and choice of framing. This photo may have to become a painting. In fact, they--all three of his photos with which I have been working to assist and guide my thoughts to the score paper--deserve to be shown, painted and offered for sale. I have to call it like I see it, regardless of this "mighty spitelock" (to quote Steely Dan, from 'Gaslighting Abbie'). While my reference resources do not recognize Steely Dan's descriptive compound word, my search inspires me to share this from Webster's Dictionary: spite: n. 1.petty ill will with the the disposition to irritate, annoy or thwart., syn. see MALICE; v. 2. to treat maliciously. While I certainly have "my days" going through life, I believe it is important to always make the effort to be the "bigger person," and to give others the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. To date however, I have never encountered a "mighty spitelock" quite as mighty as the one locking out "Slices of the Gradient" from incorporating these three, astonishingly beautiful images. But you just have to's all good. What goes around, comes around. "You are hereby sentenced to death by poetry for heinous violations against artistic vision. Guards. Take him." --AB ;-) Glad I still have all of Uncle Frank's oils, brushes and canvases! Don't forget to click on the photos page.