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It has been so wonderful to be in Salisbury Beach, stompin' grounds. The beach is beautiful, the weather is gorgeous and walking/jogging on the beach has been quite effective at clearing my head. Time with old friends, long lost classmates who are actually still local enough to meet up with, talking out eminent challenges with brilliant and insightful people has been so very gratifying, helpful and inspiring. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the local delicacies, such as Hunt's Fried Scallops (don't get a large if they're for yourself though), Drunken Clams, Tripoli's Pizza and hot dogs on the beach, not to mention Lisa's baked haddock. Off to a lesson with Mark DeVoto Wednesday (today) in the late morning to talk about compositional development and other geeky things. Since it is already early morning, I'm over & out. --AB