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Forward Motion

I'm very excited to take a little excursion to see old friends and clear my head of these "four wall." I'm grateful for the challenge that is before me and very excited to see Mark DeVoto this week to talk about form, structure, development, with my sketches for the second and first movement of "Slices of the Gradient." A little beach time...a little Grog, a little jam session hang maybe with some high school friends... And a nice drive. I like to drive. :-) Most of the time...even in traffic on the West Side Hwy at the river...but I digress. Reading a little Hindemith on Harmony...a little "Psychology of Music" too. Geek stuff. :-) So very excited to face the challenge of finding a solid new tactic for this project. SO many ideas to choose from. It's wild. It's all good...everything that is supposed to happen, happens. REACT! --AB