Thoughts on Music Education

The American Federation of Musicians, Local 802, NYC (aka "The Musicians' Union") has asked me to write an essay about Music Education for publication in their monthly magazine called Allegro.  Specifically, they have asked me 


    • to discuss what I'm offering in my curricula,
    • how I think I'm making a difference, and 
    • to address the importance of teaching the next generation of musicians.


I look forward to writing this and would love to hear from some of my former students here on this interactive blog post regarding


    • how the school music program in which I was your teacher made a difference in your lives,
    • whether you feel general music and instrumental programs are important to keep in the curriculum and why,
    • whether you continue to play or attend musical events as a result of your school music experience, 
    • what your current profession, title (rank) and/or self-definition is today, 
    • the city and/or state where you currently reside, and
    • the school at which you were my student and the year of your high school graduating class.


I hope to hear back from a number of former students.  

Thanks guys!


~ "Ms. Brown"  :)