The Leading Edge

Today my copy of JazzEd Magazine's September issue arrived in the mail.  Did you get yours? 

I am happy to report that the first installment of my column entitled "The Leading Edge" is in print.  This column will continue to…


My Response to a post on "Marines" Facebook Page

The topic was the price tag for military bands.  The argument of some if it's not worth the money.  What some fail to realize is that the price tag includes paying the musicians for their work (playing for ceremonies, concerts…


2010 New Jersey All-State Jazz Band to play "Quagmire"

My piece, Quagmire, will be performed by the 2010 New Jersey All State Jazz Band under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Kunkel.    The performances will take place in a casino to be announced in Atlantic City, NJ on Thursday…

Big & Exciting News!

Steve Wilson, Anita, Tony Kadleck & Keith O'Quinn, Birdland, July 2010.


I am quite ecstatic to announce that beginning with this month's issue, I will have a column in JazzEd Magazine.  It is entitled The Leading Edge and was inspired…


Do you have an answer?

A question that was posed to my conducting class by my late mentor, Stanley D. Hettinger, which has only one real answer, has remained with me all of my adult life as a musician.   The members of that class, and…


Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra Debuts on YouTube!

On August 27, 2010n ten videos of Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra's July 26th performance at The Tea Lounge were uploaded to YouTube. Four videos were shot by Jack Frisch of in HiDef. Five videos were shot with my little…


Recent Activity

Recently, friends have been inquiring as to why there seems to be a flurry of activity in my life pertaining to the military and in particular, The Marine Corps.  Suffice it to say that I have been making a number…


NPR Survey and Online Database

Some more very exciting news! 

I recently completed a survey for NPR Music’s “Hey Ladies: Being A Woman Musician Today”  online database.  My answers "helped to inform a series of radio features airing on NPR throughout the summer."  There is…


Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra at The Tea Lounge: Size Matters!!!

I am happy to announce that  

Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra, and

Featured Guest Artist, Ted Brown, Tenor Sax (a.k.a. "Dad")

...will perform as part of the "Size Matters" series, curated by my esteemed colleague, JC Sanford, at The Tea Lounge


Profoundly Proud

I just learned, and am profoundly proud to tell you, that a set of score & parts for my piece for nine brass entitled "Elegia" has been officially catalogued and entered into the music library of The United States Marine

This is a blog feed test...again...grrrrrr

I'm still trying to feed this blog into facebook.  This is why I hate technology.  Why has life come to this?  We just have to sit for hours and hours at a computer and watch the beautiful weather go by…