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Designed to accommodate students in elementary school recorder or flutophone programs, this curriculum is a simplification of The Composer Residency Project, both of which are designed to introduce and bring students through the process of composition using their recorders/flutophones, their own level of understanding, pencil and paper. No computers. This process has generated great excitement and a sense of empowerment for students participating in the pilot programs.
See some photos from this Spring's most recent residency project in the photo gallery!

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“Ms. Brown's system to teach composition to novices gives one the feeling that ANYBODY can compose music! Even lacking the skill to play an instrument well, using her method, my Third Grade students composed many pleasing melodies. This proved very rewarding for them. Their ownership in the final product was evident in their desire to hear their OWN music performed. The looks on their faces were priceless. --Karen Bartholomew, K-4 Music Teacher " 'Let's Compose!' was a positive experience for my students. Anita Brown brought composition down to a third grade level so that each student was able to write and play a tune. Every student participated in the lesson. Anita's enthusiasm was contagious, and the students became as excited about music as she was. I would recommend this program. 'Let's Compose!' sparked an interest in music in all students." --Allison Stager , 3rd Grade Teacher “The children loved composing their own music. They fed off of Ms. Brown's enthusiasm. The enjoyment of hearing what they composed was engaging." --Carolyn Kerwin, 3rd Grade Teacher “Since she taught me how to read music a little better, I’m looking forward to playing an instrument next year.” --Geri, 3rd grade, flutophone “I wasn’t interested in music, but when she taught me to write music, I got more interested.” --Samantha, 3rd grade, flutophone “Now that you’ve taught me to how to write music, maybe someday I’ll be a composer.” --Jack, 3rd grade, flutophone