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The Composer Residency Project - Student & Teacher Texts - Free PDF

Designed to accommodate students in secondary school instrumental music programs, this curriculum is designed to introduce and bring students through the process of composition using their instruments, their own level of expertise as musicians, pencil and paper. No computers. This process has generated great excitement and a sense of empowerment for students participating in the pilot programs.

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"Working with Anita Brown was an incredible experience for my seventh and eighth grade band students. She is a talented composer/performer with patience, organization and pedagogical delivery of a master teacher. I was amazed to see how Anita's plan for individual instruction allowed every student, at every level to be successful. This project has changed the way my students look at and listen to music. They now have a new pathway for self-expression, which is one sure way to deter deviant behavior." --Laura Mazziotti, Middle School Band Director "I never expected to learn the high note fingerings on my clarinet." --Amber, 8th grade, clarinet "You taught me about rhythmic displacement!" --Bessa, 8th grade, French horn "We're definitely copyrighting our song!" --David, 8th grade, trombone