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The Music Student's Companion - Management System - Free PDF

This is a management system designed to assist private music teachers, parents and students get the most out of their private music study. Beginning with space for lesson assignments and daily practice logs, this supplement to any method functions as a reference for elements of music theory, offers activity sheets in drawing musical characters and introduces young students to the process of composition.

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"The Music Student's Companion really covers all the bases. It not only chronicles practice time but it assists the teacher in having an immediate way to present elementary theory concepts and to provide the student with the opportunity for some musical creativity. I like the first few pages of The Companion where the student is given a plan of action for practice. I don't think many private teachers ever cover such an important issue. The Music Student's Companion is really a management system for the teacher to monitor a student's progress and to show the student where s/he must concentrate his/her effort for continued progress and to reward the student who is progressing favorably. Congrats. -- Good stuff! Well thought through and above all, extremely functional."
--Al M.Tatarunis, Ed. D., Co-author of Teaching Music in Today's Secondary Schools