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I'm really in awe and proud of all you've accomplished.
JMy sons recent 'sing out loud and repeat' tune was Shari Lewis' made up words for The Russian Sailors Dance from 'Red Poppy', "When your spinning you appear to be winning but please move over your foot is in my nose." Today all through the grocery store it was Dont Put Your Fingers in Your Nose with his sister on backup vocals and almost harmony. Calling this one a win.
Hi Anita, Just wanted to drop you a note…nice to see you and hang out a bit in Buffalo last week. Most importantly, how great to hear your work Disarming The Tempest. Disarming The Tempest is certainly a significant piece of music. You handled a challenging subject in an artistic framework with grace and dignity. I am so impressed with how you balanced the inherent tension of the music with a very human lyricism. This piece works on so many levels…obviously it is a substantial technical and musical statement, and yet it is approachable by any listener of any background level. Obviously, I enjoyed it. Best wishes for your continued successes. Sincerely, Bret Zvacek Professor of Music The Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam
It was an ordinary visit to Facebook pages that led me to a post about Anita Brown. I clicked and found a Magic Kingdom, an Alice in Wonderland tumble...what a talent; what a heart and what a mind. The heart of her music is HER heart. The lyrics and analysis of her pieces read like a novel... Thank you Ms Brown, thank you very much. What an extraordinary talent you are..and how utterly extraordinary for me to happen upon you on this ordinary Sunday evening, so not, now.
Anita, My name is Nate Kimball - I'm a composer & trombonist out in Las Vegas, NV. I've had the pleasure over the past few years to help Pat Bowen rehearse his fantastic jazz bands over at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts on a part-time basis. I just wanted to personally thank you for writing such wonderful and inspiring music! They're currently working on your chart "Quagmire", and I must say - it is a beastly work! It's great that you can write music which has so much color, sincerity and density, then turn around and write something that can blow faces off the front row. Your versatility & maturity as a writer is inspirational -- I hope at some point in my life I can reach the level of personal & spiritual success you clearly have, as exuded in your fantastic pieces. Take care, -Nate K.
Anita, I recently realized that composing is about 3 times more addictive than playing video games!! Your student, Garrett (9 year old composer)
Hi Anita! How are things going for you? Real good, I hope. I thought I'd send you the link for my website (it's finally worth looking at...) Take care! Kari
I listened to a few pieces and i enjoyed them. Keep up the great work!
Anita - Finally listened to Stand and saw the video on the site. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it that day but it was great to hear the whole piece and see the drill team. I thought the music was so evocative of that day and all that followed. Great solos and a terrific performance overall. Congratulations!
Thank you for the wonderful Program in Nyack yesterday. We attended at the urging of our son, Brian. Your mentorship of Brian in his High School years helped save his life and we are eternally grateful to you. He and his family(wife and 2 year old daughter) now live in Cinncinati. God Bless !!!
Hi Anita..wanted to wish you the best of luck on Saturday..luv u and miss u..always mary jo xo
hey juanita , its nice to see your name in lights . keep on jazzing . love ya babe .guess who?.
Hey..............just to let you know I can read.:) Just saying....... Hey
It was nice to meet you today. Bud McCormick - Jackson Memorial
Anita, It's been a long road trip! I wish you the best with all your future rides AND the best is yet to come. Love you B!
please add me to your mailing list.
i was just checking out your youtube page and this website and i loved everything. I subscribed to your youtube account, and i will check for new videos there and on this page.
As a Vietnam Veteran I want to thank you for what you are doing in remembrance of 911! Once again "Thank You"
Hi Anita, Nice reconnecting with you on Facebook. You were the best music teacher I ever had -- of course I took it all for granted at the time. You know what they say about youth -- wasted on the young. You really were (and still are) so young at heart and generous with your self and your time. When I was younger, I just didn't understand how talented you were because I didn't know enough about music. But I still remember so many of the things you put together, and the arrangements. I especially remember Lenny Kravitz "Let Love Rule". . .you put so much energy into all you did, it really made it special for everyone. Recently I was in a psychiatric hospital in Boston and one of the clinicians there was running a music group. I told him about one of the activities you did with us in Middle School -- having us draw on paper how different pieces of music made us feel. In particular, I remember "Rite of Spring". . .I kept the drawing I did for a long time. Anyway, they tried it at the hospital and everyone loved it. Everything we do touches more people than we know. Especially people like YOU who reach out to others so much and are so warm and loving. Good luck with all your projects. If anyone deserves all the support they can get, financial or otherwise -- it's you. Thanks so much for the great memories! ~ Faith
checking out your page listening to some tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it anita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved the new lyrics as told by the men and women serving our country. I am proud of all that you do.
12 days of x-mas was outstanding and did make me smile....I am so glad to reconnect with you after so many years. Jamie
I loved your 12 days of Christmas! Highly motivating stuff yaunnastanat? Keep up the great work!
Outstanding version of the 12 days of Christmas. Thank you very much!
Enjoyed your rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with Marine lyrics. Thank You for caring enough to help us smile. SEMPER FI! 88-92
Liked the 12 days of Christmas Anita! Good to go!!
I was a former C Co Corpsman and served with Morris Ravich. I'm glad he sent you the lyrics, I really enjoyed the video. It brought back some good memories
LOVE that 12 Days of Chrissy! Mwaahahahaa.... and it clearly is an act of love. Thank you for YOUR support of our troops.
Thank you for visiting our school. We liked when we got to sing and compose. We loved hearing your instruments. We liked hearing your trumpet. We also love your website and youtube videos. We think your music is great and we think you super-talented. Come visit us again, soon!
I be here again....... now i need to go box up a Quincy Jones album to loan to Harry Condon...... Keep Smiling
Hi Anita, I'm a HS band director and saxophonist living in St.Paul, MN. I know you are probably very busy, but I would love it if you would listen to my big band compositions at, and give me some professional feedback. Thank you so much! Kari
Met you on facebook, and loved your jazz videos!
I stopped by and listened....... Impressed!!!!!!totally!!
Beautiful!! MAJOR NEPENTHE Words & Music by Anita Brown It was plain as day to see (though surprisingly) smiles for me And we laughed through the night, maybe ‘til three. What he did not see is that it was meant to be A sparkling fancy naturally. An unlikely pair, for sure. Fascinatingly, seems so pure. He was staunch military, such a Marine. He lives ev’ry moment like he was seventeen, His fav’rite toys is all he needs. Release He is proudly in command of his C-H Fifty Three. Just complete the mission: please be good to me. Oh, with his trident of prowess, wit and charm; Noble “Alpha Librae,” Sempre Fi! Refrain Major Nepenthe, won’t you take me away from the pain, Sir? Not even you can hold it back. Major Nepenthe, oh please show me the way to your heart, Sir, Like only you can take me there, You can take me there, you can take me there. Verse And oh, what a friend to have as a champion ‘til the end, As he lives just to serve, to protect and play, With a dash of whimsy, frolic and modesty A boy turned man so valiantly. Although ev’ry now and then a little amorous, he pretends To be not really watching carefully. An unflinching, skillful, spirited, grand, White Steed, The shining pride of USMC.
OUTSTANDING ANITA!! I am honoured to have met you. Absolutely beautiful music! From your new USMC Widow friend in Canada :)
Sir! Yes, SIR! :-) Thanks Cpl Sly!!
Good Jam eh! Napalm!
Thanks to everyone who listened to "Major Nepenthe" and took the time to sign the guest book. In particular thanks to my new friends from the Marine Corps Official Page on Facebook! :-) Oorah! And Don, the answer to your query lies in the back story posted on the music page. Click on the title. :-) Semper Fi.
I like this... Great lyics, can't wait to hear it with the horns! Now what's his real name... He may have given me and my bubs a lift...
How absolutely, beautiful, Anita. The composition was very captivating, and I enjoyed listening. I'm honored to meet such a talent as yourself.
You are awesome sista!!!
Keep up the great work! xoxoxo
Bravo Anita.
hey Anita!! Great tune. thanks for posting. Hope the birthday was good.
Great tune AND lyrics B! Love ya, M & T
Hear a new tune, learn a new word. Nepenthe is an excellent word. Tune's not bad either ;)
I love you!!
Hey Anita! Sounds great! MH
Loved Major Nepenthe!
I think that may be the first jazz-helicopter tune I have ever heard. Stellar work as always Anita. COME TO CHICAGO SOOOOOOOON
Nice track, Anita. You sound inspired!
I liked it Anita
'Major Nepenthe' is a fabulous, fabulous, *fabulous* tune! Love it!
Cool tune! Clever lyrics. I look forward to hearing the final product.
I play lead tenor in an all-women big band in Maine. I'm very interested in women jazz musicians, especially composers. We have had one piece written for us by a woman, and we are currently working with an arranger, but he happens to be a man. Another exciting experience was having Toshiko Akyoshi work with us! I'd love to have your opinion on our band. Please visit our website
It's the guy from the West Village bar! Sorry, like many a man before me, my alcohol consumption is affecting my writing skills. I should sign off before I embarass myself. Sadly, I am no Poe. I'll see you at Village Vanguard next Monday??. Nice to meet you, Jake (Klein, that is)
I for 1 read your blog,Anita.
Hi Anita,I was on classmates at Andover High and remembered you and Salisbury beach like it was yesterday.I also remembered all the instruments your family had at the house in Andover.Love to hear from you.Scott Anderson
Great meeting you at the blues night, imagine how much I learned about baseball pitchers. I like "Shifting Tides of Montauk". Hope we meet again next time your visiting Steve. Best wishes
Anita, We most definitely agree with have the soul of a poet as well as a musician! After reading your blog, we just had to respond to the "retraction" of visuals. For what reason would someone do this? You talk about the reasons in your blog because you are your own "Devil's Advocate", and we highly respect that you always see "the other side" to every story.... you are a good soul and they are very lucky to have ever even known you. BUT, what does this person think??!! Does this person think that it is strictly the pictures that inspire you to write such breathtakingly beautiful music?? What an arrogant, self-absorbed person this must be! We love your music, your lyrics, your blog and your soul.......keep movin' on were amazing before him, amazing during him & even more amazing after him!
<*> <*> L - I see you!
i just checked your blog and it´s awesome, when you are talking about chac mool you describe in a very exact way how it looks underwater, i have been in chacmool a several times and your description of this is so close to the reality. Congrats! I need to use this for our dive shop blog, can i use it?
I have been looking around here for a while...Finally got around to signing the guestbook. You got a lot of very nice things going on Anita!! And some cool friends too!! Tony K, Bruce I..ect. Hope to meet and talk to you soon!!
Hey Anita, Wanted to check out your blog. Looking for a good book on notation because I have been told by many musicians who have been tortured by my original charts (on more than one occasion) that my notation chops suck. (Usually bass players and drummers.) I always seem to write roadmaps that take people to Mars via the NJ Turnpike when writing a Coda. I'd love to take one of your workshops, but live kind of far (Georgia.) Got any suggestions?
Anita - you most definitely have the soul of a poet as well as a musician. Your description of the art work inspiring your latest project is absolutely delicious! Can't wait to hear the music! A big fan always - Charlie Jennison
Very impressive. I will take a look around.
Where can I send monies?
Yes, quite impressive.
Hey you rock!! nice site ! later
hoping to catch you at jazz week tomorrow night in the square!..Laura
My six year old daughter began piano lessons with Anita in September. I am amazed at the progress she has made in a few short months. Anita's instruction is structured, purposeful, and age appropriate. The materiails she uses are easy to follow and encourage meaningful practice time at home. In addition to teaching fundamaentals of music, she is instilling a certain discipline necessary to be successful in learning. What I love most about Anita, however, is she encourages my daughter to reach beyond the sheet music and compose! To date, my six year old daughter has composed three original pieces which she is extremely proud of. Anita inspired the musician in my daughter and for that we are extremely grateful. We highly recommend Anita Brown!
Wow! What a performance at Trumpets last night! Man, those charts are rockin'! What a band!!! So where's the next gig? Only one complaint; who do you think you are changing the key of "Dig It"? You have some nerve messin' with Poppa's bag. Next time, I expect to hear it played the right way.
Anita. Im glad to have met you! Salisbury Beach? Go figure? Beauty and Brains!! But 1 question? Can you cook? LOL.
Hi Anita, great website! I keep telling Tate we should go to NY to see you all of these days! I know she misses you! Nice to meet you...via phone anyways ( : Have a great day!
I have to tell you this. I was your student for two years, and there were several moments that really were important in my my experience with music. You are the reason for my love for Jazz. You are also the reason for my love for Tower of Power. :) Seriously, I had taken private drum lessons for several years before meeting you. Nothing clicked really until 9th grade. You were like the breath of fresh air. Your passion rubbed off on me for sure. You put on Max and Dizzy doing Salt Peanuts, and then I just turned into this crazy person looking to learn about improvising and swinging and chops. The next year with Tower of Power, I just thought those were the coolest beats in the world. I still remember being impressed with the care you took to show us how to be musical with all the percussion instruments. We weren't just dirty drummers. You expected us to be musical. We learned about latin percussion and we learned to appreciate that the triangle wasn't just some stupid little thing that anybody could just pick right up and play while sleeping. HA! So THANKS for that passion that you shared and I was able to receive. It has fueled me to continue doing my homework 17 years later on the drum set. I haven't ventured to any other kinds of percussion, but there's enough work to be done on the kit for now. It's been a wonderful hobby and therapy. Thanks, Anita!!!
Great to hook up with a fellow UNHer. Give me a holler any time you're in the NJCU neighborhood.
Just over a year ago you came to Las Vegas to do a workshop, and to work with my band in a recording session. Your love of music and of performance gave me the inspiration to practice and grow as a musician. Thank You!!!
You are a great music teacher. Thank you.
Damn I'm old. Read over the whole site and one, its looks like you're doing awsome and two you look really good and HAPPY! It seems like yesterday we sat in front of the school board and told them to go shove it. Anyway, Anita (Mom) I'm really happy for you! we need to hook up soon. "Doyle"
anita just to say your music is absolutely superb and a great credit to the business on the day of barack obamas inauguration it says wonders that your music has also created a change in thinking so best regards d v e KENDAL CUMBRIA ENGLAND UK I impressed with all that you have done and are doing! YOU are the consummate educator/artist my dear!!!! Proud to have you join the Jazz Education Network and I look forward to meeting you soon. You are a role model for all of us. MJ Papich Pres. JEN
Hi Anita. Mom and I are checking out your site. We'd love to hear from you! If you get to Andover Mom and Dad always welcome you for a visit and have plenty of extra rooms for an overnite visit!! If you get to Sheboygan Wisconsin......we have extra rooms to! So come vist anytime!! How are Mom and Dad and Jeffrey?? We are all fine. Dana is divorced and has 4 children now. She's in Ohio on the Kentucky border. She's in nursing school with her daughter Sara. I am married and live in Wisconsin with my hubby and 3 almost grown kids. Dad recently had tripple bypass surgery and is home recovering and Scott and I am here visiting for a week. Well, Mom and I put our emails addresses into your site. Hope we can touch base. Love, Kari and Thelma
anita- what a pleasure checkin out your band last night at cachaca. your music is thick and juicy, layered, deep, serious, and demanding. you've definitely got your own voice. being a nature boy, i especcially loved the "waves" at the end of 27 east...and the way you conducted them...very realistic. you write with great use of dynamics- what a pleasure it must be to have a band that can actually PLAY those dynamics! great show- brava!!!
Congrats on recent press!
Hi, Anita, It was a pleasure meeting you this past weekend at David and Jackie's wedding. I'm enjoying reading all about you! I've not had time to listen to the music yet, but will log on later tonight or tomorrow. I look forward to listening!! Will email you again soon. Take care, Pat (David's aunt)
Anita has been teaching our daughter Piano for 3 years, and Clarinet for 1. She looks forward to Tuesday's and her lesson and her conversations with Anita. She has always loved music, but Anita brings in out in her. Anita make her work, and she makes sure she takes it seriously, which I think makes Anita a good teacher. We look forward to another year starting in September.
Hey Anita! I really enjoyed your master class. I feel like I learned a lot about being a musician as well as ideas for composing. I can't wait for the next class and to get into more of your music and new thoughts on writing music. Also, the Vanguard trip afterwards was an incredible experience! I'm glad that we were able to hear your piece performed...Oatts' solo was ridiculous and it was a great work of art. Can't wait for the next master class! I'll probably see you tonight at the Vanguard.
Hi Anita! I just wanted to let you know that I REALLY enjoyed the lesson/lecture session this past Monday! It definitely helped me as an aspiring writer to really dig into your own original (and very eclectic!) tunes and observe your techniques, transitions, musicality, etc. etc. I've been working your assignment with a huge sense of clarity this week. Not only that, but on the drive back home to Philadelphia, Alex and I talked about how your teaching us "composition" makes sense-- it's creative AND methodical... We are looking forward to more sessions in the future for sure... I'd recommend them to everyone :). I hope others join next time if they're not on summer vacation! P.S. It was also definitely an honor to be present at the Vanguard on Monday when they performed your piece written for Oatts to play. I think everyone also definitely felt the spirit of Dennis Irwin in the room. It was great to see one of my teachers conducting it and the other teachers playing it. Definitely surreal. I'm definitely blessed to be able to study with you guys. Thanks again for everything this week, see you next lesson! :) ~Marsha
Hi Anita, I think your music really great. What is your favorite song that you made?
Does "the little farm boy from Vermont next door on Gemini Circle mean anything to you?...................... Can't belive I stumbled across your website! What an accomplishment you have become! I have listened to a few of your clips and WOW! ................... Curt
Timmy, You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for chiming in on that one! Perhaps what we could say to Jack is, "1...2...3...WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!" LOL --AB
Well Anita Brown , All I can say about this cat Jack that says your writing is boring him to sleep is for Jack to go ahead and sleep . That's right , just sleep while the rest of us dig the music and enjoy what life and great musicians like Anita have to offer . My dear , keep writing your beautiful music . I love it and you . Peace and Thank You so Much for You !!! Timmy
Please send communications regarding NJ IAJE State Jazz Band Finals via e-mail to Comments regarding same made to this guestbook will be deleted. Your comments will be answered as swiftly as possible. Thank you. Anita Brown
Dear Jack, Thank you for your feedback. I am happy that you got some rest while listening to my sound clips. In fact, I am not trying to "take music in another direction." I aspire only to express myself in my chosen genre. Some will like it, some will not know enough to understand it. This was also the case with Stravinsky, so your comment reminds me that I'm in good company. Thank you! If you do not like my music, I would prefer you not listen to it, as I wouldn't want to do anything to make you unhappy. Your response is, however, fascinating. As you can see from the other comments on my guestbook, there is a multitude that does not share your opinion. I wish you the best of luck in composing and producing your music for jazz orchestra. When your clips are up please let me know. All the best, Anita Brown
Anita- Your music is very boring. I fell asleep while listening to your MP3 files. I understand that you are trying to take jazz into a new direction, but for the sake of the jazz, please turn back!
Beautiful Site Beautiful Woman.... Beautiful Maker of Magic!!! Thank God for souls like you!!!! Love Rha
hi miss brown its me aisha ahmad from last year i miss you so much umm if you dont remember i helped you with ur voice at the end oof the year and i have a sqeaky voice miss you
Anita, It was a great meeting you at the Nola party on Monday night. Loved your music as well! Would love to chat more as you mentioned you were looking for a mezzo for that arrangement! (Home) 860 927 4666 (Cell) 917 282 9438 All the best, Joyce Lyons
'Nita Brown... YOU are GOOD!
You are one of my favorite composers of all time. Next to Debussy, Gil Evans, and Frank Zappa. Never stop writing and put a new cd as soon as you can! Thanks for all of your help with college. Darren
Anita, I finally got around to looking at your entire web site. Very Impressive!! Hope you have enjoyed your college teaching experience the past year. Colleges need teachers with real world experiences. You certainly have them. Best wishes for a Happy and musical New Year. Look forward to seeing you again in the near future. George Ann
Thanks I listened to the mp3 player. /////very nice
Hi Anita!!! I just wanted to say thank you for coming out to Vegas and putting the inspiration towards music back in me. We played together at the LVA Jazz Winter concert, and Jo Belle sang your tune. I was the bari player infatuated with you, your composing, and everything you had to say. I felt that I learned a great deal from you, and in playing with you conducting I feel that I grew as a player. So thank you!
Jack Goodwin gave me your web site I have been a fan ofv your fathers for many many years and now there is a new release to obtain and your site to nog onto Saturnally Brian Kinder
Wonderful works. Keep the Big Bands alive Anita
Met at Fairlawn Band -- Trumpet Just saying hi!
Buena suerte con la musica suya, y, recuerdes: No hay rosas sin espinas. Jose
Hi Anita, played our last rehearsal with you last night with the Fairlawn Diamond Jubilee Band. It was an honor and privilege to get to know and work with you. I am really impressed with you knowledge and accomplishments in the music world. Rich Eldridge/1st Alto/Diamond Jubilee Band/ Fairlawn, N.J.
Anita, my son both took some time and listened to some of your music, we both liked the big band sound, keep up the great work..Bob
hi anita, I was looking through & wanted to look you up. I was visiting andover in may & went by your old house. I am very proud of your accomplishments. I am an artist in new mexico.,married no chidren.Love your music very soothing! hope to hear from you margaret
Hi: After reading your web page you don't have to write and tell ne what you're doing. Dr. Al Tatarunis
Anita! I am so proud of you!! I can't believe it took me this long to find you. You look great and you look so happy. Good luck to you. Love Dean
Website looks great! Hopefully see you soon. Best, Mark
Great web-site laShada! tag.
hi bebebe my wife ad I want to have you over for dinner sometime..............what do you think? I think we could dream up something great......
Hello, I love your site! You might remember me from coming to my school and teaching everyone how to become a composer just recently.
Thanks for teaching us. You ROCK OUR SOX! Julia, Thalia, Melanie, Lucy, A.J., Richard, Donald, Altin, Joey, Andy, Dylan, MacKenzie, Kristen, William, Joseph, Nick, Mirella, Dana, Rebecca.
Thank you for coming to our school, and for teaching us how to compose great music. From, Danielle, Lexi, Roberto, Eric,Jon, Alexis, Megan, Nick, Don, Jack, Anthony, Jessie, Carly, Danielle, Martha, Ben, Natalie, Stephanie, Naba, Edrion.
Hi Anita, I wanted to let you know I was at your IAJE performance in January. You & your band were amazing! Your compositions came off with such passion and great emotion - I was deeply touched. Sorry I wasn't able to stick around at the end to congratulate you in person. Sending best wishes & hugs - Always, Mala.
Anita, Still basking in the glow from your successful perfromance at IAJE?? Congrats on another great performance. Wonderful to you soon Be cool, The Shadow
Your concert at the IAJE Conference was really great. Everything came together. Your compositions were outstanding and the musicians in the band obviously inspired. You were dynamite. And the room was packed. It was one of those great moments. I was thrilled to be there.
Dear miss Brown, At the IAJE 2007 I joined your clinic, bought your cd and listened to you concert. I was the guy who asked you about the chaconne bass. I want to let you know that your music touches me deeply. At the concert I couldn't keep my tears at all songs except for the last one. When I played your cd at home the effect was similar, especially at the Shifting tides of Montauk. I listened together with my girlfriend (also a music lover) to The lighthouse. We simply had to stop the cd to take a break after hearing such intens concentration and power. There is something in your way of using harmony and instrumentation that is really special. I hope when your new album is coming out you will let me know, because I'll buy it unheard. Your orchestra deserves many complements as well. You simply work with excellent players. I'm a trumpeter myself. Those notes from your lead player as well as from the soloist evoke my deepest respect... I also like the fact that the music is recorded without overdubs. These days in studios everything can be fixed, but what we hear here is honest. Keep on writing! Best regards, Bart Noorman Amsterdam The Netherlands
As always, great to see you at IAJE. As much as I enjoyed your clinic on "The Lighthouse", your concert blew me away even more. Congrats to your band. It was definitely one of the highlights of the conference in terms of performances for me. The musicc really came to life, representing a great variety of emotions. You are quickly becoming a master of tension and release, and after all, what more is there to great music? JK
Anita, Congratulations on a terrific concert Saturday. I wasn't able to stop by after the concert so I'm sending this email. It was interesting to hear your band good as the recording is, it doesn't convey the intensity and the "wall of sound" the band delivers in the big tutti sections. And, much to my chagrin, on the end of "27 East" where I thought you had dialed in a recording of waves breaking on shore, I see (and hear) the players blowing through their horns with fluttering valves, etc. Obviously, I don't always listen as closely as I should. I like the way the concert started, developed and ended...I think they call this good programming. Whatever you're doing Anita, keep on doing it. All the best, Jack
You have a wonderful concept and ability to "tell a story" with your music. Full of rich textures, energy and spiraling harmonies. It is very evocative music and it is very rewarding for the listener. I came away feeling very uplifted and content with the world. What more could you ask of one's music?
It's no coincidence that your Web site is the color of passion. Watching you conduct your gorgeous music is to witness the ultimate artistic fulfillment: highly personal, completely original, and intensely joyful. Onward and upward, kiddo! BRAVA!!
Looks great - you've really added alot to this - love your "header" drawing of you conducting, too. See/hear you soon.
You are a very talent young lady and wish you all the best and more success in your career.
Anita, You have an authentic and original voice in big band jazz. Congratulations on your ASCAP award. Sometimes the good guys win!
hi anita! loved the web-site. You did a great job putting it together-very informative. loved the fact that you could listen to excerpts from your album (oops CD!!)you are an extremely talented artist that I am proud to know, love and call my true friend. stay well and keep smilin! luv ya denise :o)
Intelligent, uncompromising music from a talented, exacting woman overflowing with passion for her art. Music = Life = Anita Brown. Best of luck to you always!
Hi! I like your site a lot, especially the photos. I remember the summer you were choosing a cover for that album, I was taking piano lessons from you then. By the way, Mom loves the picture on the postcard you gave me. --Maggie
Delightful as you are!
Anita- I LOVE the website!! Everything looks great. Congratulations and keep moving foward with your dreams!! XOXO- Jackie
Hey Anita !!...I bought 27 East last year and still blast it around the house !! You GO GIRL !! How's your Dad and Mom?...We moved to Denver for a new job in May and love it here. My kids play Piano,guitar, bass and drums. I have 3 boys, Ricky, 14, Aaron 12, and Jesse 8. I still play Trumpet, mainly in church. I also play guitar, bass and drums on my worship team. When's the new CD comin' out? Ever gig out west? We will try and see you when we visit the fam in NY...Old friend, Rich Germaine
Hi you're right next to me ahahah kool trumpet lesson today!
Again, Congratulations I am so proud of you.
Hi Anita! Congratulations! Awesome web site. I love the pictures. xoxo Brenda
Great web site. 27 East has gotten a rave and a thumbs up from my retired musician friends - some from guys who played with your dad when you lived in the Andover area.
Way to go girl !! We are proud of you !! Love Linda
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I hadn't heard your music before -- it's terrific!
This is great.
Unbelieveable!! Not only in your accomplishments, but in the way you pass on the love of music to so many!!
Anita Banita, Web site is awesome!! You Rock! I still can't "contoncentrate" I love Garfield with legs!! Hugs
Love the pics! The site looks terrific. Best of luck with your endeavors. XO, Karen
We love the website. See you Friday.
Yummy !!!!!!!
Wow!!! Very impressed. Great website. I hope to catch up with you soon. Maybe you should organise a gig in London????
You are too clever!! This looks great....I am out on the road, and back at the end of next week, sorry not had time to re-connect, but hope to soon - No time to do anything but post production on Whispers the Heart release which came out this week. Will send you a copy soon. Very glad indeed to hear/see that things are going so well. Very best of luck, mon ami!
Great site! Congratulations my dear. It seems, at least for you and I, the older we get the better we get and know what we want. I will write you soon to share with you. Love ya cuz, Carol
Hi Anita - Nice web site! Way to go! Rock on with your bad self... Andy
anita, i want to sing with you sometime did i tell you i traded fours with donald byrd for at 4 minutes? lou
Brown, Congratulations, website looks good. Good luck with it. Love ya, Wechsler
Hey Anita, Congratulations on the new website! I'm so happy to see things are going well with you & your music. Your compositions are wonderful. They evoke the most vivid pictures -- wow. I honestly love all the audio clips you've posted here. If absolutely pressed to pick a favorite, it would probably be between "Alexander's Lullaby Waltz" or "27 East." But as they say -- it's ALL good :-) I'm glad we've reconnected. Best wishes with everything. I look forward to catching you in concert ... hopefully soon!
Great looking site, Anita. Glad to see everything is moving forward as planned. I love the pics with the composing kids! Big kiss and hope to see you soon.