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Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra

Please visit my other website which is dedicated to a new project; a piece I am writing in commemoration of the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  More information is available on the blog of this website.  Scroll back to September 20, 2010 or just click this link to arrive at Stand's own website.

Marine Corps Association

The Marine Corps Association has posted my arrangement of Happy Birthday Marine Corps in celebration of its 235th Birthday, November 10, 2010.


Have a look!

NPR's Hey Ladies: Being A Woman Musician Today

This links directly to my answers to NPR's questionnaire survey for its online database.

NPR's "Hey Ladies" on Facebook

This links directly to NPR's "Hey Ladies" discussion on Facebook.  Please join in the discussion!  You can also comment on "anita's blog" on this site.

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Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra

Please visit my other website which is dedicated to a piece I am writing in commemoration of the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  Information is available at anita's blog on this website as well.  Scroll back to September 20, 2010 or just click on this link to learn more about Stand and how you can help.

Videos of Anita's Works

Shifting Tides of Montauk: ABJO on YouTube
Solos: Tom Christensen, tenor; Greg Gisbert, trumpet; Jason Miller, trombone; Jeff Nelson, bass trombone.
Dig It: ABJO on YouTube

‎"Dig It" is my dad's tune that I arranged for his 70th birthday as a surprise. The unintelligible phrase the band shouts at the end is "Happy Birthday Ted!" :-) This gig was the first occasion I got to share the stage with my dad, as he plays a solo with us on this chart.

"Santa's On His Way, " ABJO at The Tea Lounge 7/26/10
It was SO hot in that room!  We were all sweating bricks!  But hopefully we cooled everyone off with this "new classic" Christmas tune.  Distracted by so many little details, I forgot my own lyrics a couple of times.  :-)  And the words were right in front of me!!  LOL  :-)  Alex Norris is SO great on trumpet!
Sabia' : ABJO on YouTube

Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra performing "Sabia'" live at The Tea Lounge 7-26-10

Commissioned by Mike Holober's Westchester Jazz Orchestra, this arrangement of Jobim's Sabia' features the trombone section (melody: Bruce Eidem) and a featured solo by Tom Christensen, tenor.

My arrangement of Souled Out for Funk Filharmonik

This is my arrangement of Tower of Power's "Souled Out."  I wrote this arrangement as a gift for John Scarpulla to be able to perform this tune with The Funk Filharmonik upon his return from the Tower of Power "Souled Out Tour" in the late 90's.  My tiny little camera mic really doesn't do the chart OR the band any good.  The balance in the room was really great.  

I love this band and their spirit, their musicianship and it has been an honor to write a bunch of charts for them over the years…many of which are buried somewhere in the back of the book…but there, nonetheless.  It was a privilege to "cut my teeth" writing for this great New York band.  

My arrangement of A Little Knowledge for Funk Filharmonik

This is my arrangement of Tower of Power's "A Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing)."  I wrote this arrangement in 1990 for The Funk Filharmonik.  It is the first arrangement I ever wrote for a professional ensemble.  They still perform it regularly.  My tiny little camera mic really doesn't do the chart OR the band any good.  The balance in the room was really great.  

I love this band and their spirit, their musicianship and it has been an honor to write a bunch of charts for them over the years…many of which are buried somewhere in the back of the book…but there, nonetheless.  It was a privilege to "cut my teeth" writing for this great New York band.  

Videos of Anita's Works

Funk Filharmonik plays "Souled Out"
I wrote this arrangement on TOP's "Souled Out" for The Funk Filharmonik some time ago. Here is a clip of trombonist Ozzie Melendez soloing on that chart.

Commissioning New Music

New Music USA

New Music USA is the new name of Meet The Composer. Follow the link provided to learn how you can commission new works through your school or community ensemble.

Anita's Affiliations & Projects

Operation Mend
This site represents the efforts of a most wonderful organization assisting our military personnel who have returned from active duty severely disfigured. It provides much needed plastic surgery complete with accommodations for family members, and emotional support through the process. This is helping those brave men and women re-enter society and regain control of their lives as civilians. To read more about why this is linked from my website, please visit the music page and read the back story and lyrics to "Major Nepenthe." --AB
The Music of Manny Albam
The music of friend and mentor, Manny Albam is now available to me for clinics and performances through his daughter, Katie Crane. Katie has recently taken control of Manny's library of works, much of which is now housed at Rutgers University's Jazz Archives in Newark, NJ, following my cataloguing work in preparation for being transferred to Rutgers.
Steinway & Sons
Visit my teacher profile on Steinway & Sons website for more information about private study. Click Directory of Music Teachers on the right side.
Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra on Facebook
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All About Jazz
Anita's Profile
Anita with Las Vegas Academy Performing Arts High School Jazz Program
A Great Night In Harlem: Photos at
Photos of Nnenna Freelon singing my arrangement on "Don't Explain" at the Great Night In Harlem Benefit Concert at The Apollo Theater, May 29, 2008. Frank Foster's Loud Minority Big Band plays under the direction of Cecil Bridgewater. Bill Saxton can be seen playing the tenor solo. If you look hard enough you can see Clark Gayton and Earl Gardner!
Westchester Jazz Orchestra
I had great fun writing for this band for their June 2007 "Jazz Goes Motown" concert. The 2007-08 season also seems promising for continued collaboration with this marvelous, local band. --AB
Center for Jazz Composition
Jazz Masterworks Series Inaugural Gala, April 19 & 20, 2005 Click on Past Events for information.
Fair Lawn Diamond Jubilee Band
This is Mike Christianson's Fair Lawn Community Concert Band. It is a wonderful group of local musicians who come together weekly to rehearse some of the finest and most innovative band music. Check them out!
International Jazz Composers' Symposium: 2006 Schedule
Click here to see the schedule of the first IJCS held in March 2006.
Center for Jazz Composition
University of South Florida at Tampa celebrated the Gala Opening of this marvelous center in April 2005 with concerts featuring Chuck Owen's Jazz Surge Big Band featuring Nnenna Freelon with arrangements by Anita Brown and the legendary Gerald Wilson. The Center held its first International Jazz Composers' Symposium in March 2006 with headlining composers Bob Brookmeyer, John Clayton & Dave Douglas.
Chicago Jazz Ensemble
Conducted by Jon Faddis, this ensemble will feature Jazz standards by Duke Ellington and Count Basie, as well as a dance medley arranged by Anita Brown, The Black Orchid Supper Club, 230 W. North Avenue in Old Town, Chicago, on Thursday, May 10, at 8:00 p.m.
Lawrence University, Fred Sturm, Director
Recent Repertoire:
The Big Band Works of Benny Golson • Jamey Simmons Lock Box (winner of the Brussels Jazz Composers Competition) • Anita Brown," The Lighthouse" ...
The BMI Official Website
See a photo of Anita with other BMI Composers following the 2003 BMI Jazz Composers' Workshop Annual Showcase Concert, on which "Shifting Tides of Montauk" was premiered as one of three finalists.
Anita at Freelancer's Union
Check out this site!

Band Member Projects

Internet 2 DV Guide
Click here for broadcast listings of The Center for Jazz Composition's 2005 Inaugural Jazz Masterworks Gala Celebration featuring Nnenna Freelon, Gerald Wislon and special guest composer Anita Brown, the first composer to be commissioned by The CJC.
Check listings for July 4, 2007.
Internet Broadway Database
Search ABJO's members & subs on this web site, starting with our lead trumpet player, Jon Owens! Then try all our members' names to see their Broadway credits!
Music For Children
Home of Mike Christianson's Gotham Wind Ensemble and its most honorable endeavors.

Friends, Colleagues & Family

Ted Brown, Tenor Saxophonist
This site is my father's site. He and Mom met while studying with Lennie Tristano in the 1950's. He has been associated with players such as Sal Mosca, Tony Zano, Don Messina, Steve LaMattina and has recorded with Warne Marsh, Lee Konitz and more. He is currently maintaining the web site for a music school called Briarcliff Music & Related Arts. His site should be up and running soon.
"Shades Of Brown" on iTunes
This new CD release from Ted Brown ("Dad") is now available on iTunes as well as on CD, from SteepleChase Records. It features Dad with Steve LaMattina on guitar and the great Dennis Irwin on bass.
Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians: Ted Brown
Bio: Ted Brown, Tenor sax artist
CD Universe
Ted Brown: Free Spirit Criss Cross Records
Ted Brown
10 Year Old Former Student Plays the First Movement of Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique
This is one of my former students. He is immensely talented! I was his first piano teacher, securing his foundation in reading notation and introducing diatonic chord structures, colors and the integrating original composition as a form of empowerment. While he now studies at a conservatory, his 5-year-old sister now... studies with me. On the occasion that he complained that he was bored with the pieces his current teacher was assigning I pulled this one from his father's library and gave him important exercises to prep his 10-year old hands for the many demanding octave stretches. In 3 weeks he had learned it. :-) AND, as a 5 year old, his favorite chord was B diminished. :-)
Criss Cross Jazz Artist Index
Titles by Tenor Artist, Ted Brown Good Company Free Spirit
The Jazz Loft
Titles by Tenor Artist, Ted Brown Preservation Shades of Brown
Ted Brown Quarter at Trumpets, Montclair, NJ, August 27, 2006
Sheila Jordan Official Web Site
Visit Sheila's web site! She has been a long-time family friend. Mom & Sheila have been close friends for years...since the Lennie Tristano hangs and the heart of the historical be bop era. I started singng with Sheila's records at the age of SIX!
Allen Devine
Check out this website of a friend from high school...that would be Andover High School, Andover, MA.
Dennis Irwin
Please visit this site to learn about the great bassist, and one of my long-time dear friends, Dennis Irwin, who succumbed to a fast-moving cancer on March 10, 2008.
The Funk Filharmonik Official Web Site
For many years I wrote arrangements of Tower of Power charts for this great band. They are long standing friends of mine and their drummer is on track 4 of 27 EAST. Many of them have toured and/or subbed for Tower of Power, one of my favorite bands. This is a great band and doesn't play as often as they used to, but if you ever get a chance to hear them GO! And know that when they play "Souled Out" and "A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing" they were derived from my pen and contributed as gifts. :-)
Larry Williams
This is the site of Los Angeles area trumpet player, Larry Williams. I met Larry at the First International Jazz Composers' Symposium at The Center for Jazz Composition, USF Tampa in March 2006. He was the trumpet player who played the feature on my chart, "The Lighthouse" for the New Music Reading Session, which ultimately won the IJCS/ASCAP Award for New Music for Big Band. He again played the feature on the final concert of the event, when I was able to listen more carefully. Larry is an outstanding, beautiful player who plays with depth from the heart. Check him out! --AB
Always There
Mala Waldron and I went to school together at SUNY Old Westbury, along with Lee Finkelstein.
Keith Carlock Official Web Site
Keith Carlock is one of my favorite drummers. I first learned of him when I met Lee Finkelstein to hear Lou Marini's band at The Metropolitan Cafe on the upper east side (sadly, soon to be defunkt). My long-time friend, Glenn Drewes was also playing trumpet. As I was watching this "kid" play drums I was blown away. I later learned that he was rehearsing for an eminent Steely Dan Tour which was then followed by a tour with Sting. When he's in NYC at The 55 Bar with Henry Hey, I can often be seen standing in line to jump on the bar stool with the best view. They don't make many like this one. Check him out.
Krista Wortendyke Photography
Krista did all the photography and graphic layouts for the CD cover and insert for 27 EAST. She is a true artist Check her out!
Yankee Stadium
The end of an era: When we lived in Teaneck and my father worked for CBS (when they owned the Yankees) he took my brother and me to a Yankees game. Had to be 1968. Mickey Mantle was at first base. I think he may have been coaching first base. Check the stats on that one...but he was there, nonetheless. My father said to me, "See that guy? Number 7?" I said, "Yea..." "Remember that you saw him." "WHY?" "Just remember that you saw him. Number 7. His name is Mickey Mantle." "OK, I'll remember it..." :-) Thanks Dad... xoxo --Anita SPORTS / BASEBALL | September 21, 2008 Yankee Stadium, Going the Way of Joe DiMaggio By PAUL SIMON It was 1948 when Paul Simon suddenly realized he was a Yankee fan. Sixty years later, he reminisces about his experiences at Yankee Stadium.
Anne Watkins Watercolors
Anne Watkins is a gifted painter whom I have known for most of my adult life. She creates water colors from life. Her web site shows some of her favorite subjects, including weddings, musicians and athletes. Other musicians she has painted include Lee Konitz, Joe Magnarelli, Maria Schneider, Connie Crothers and Ted Brown, a.k.a., Dad.

Montauk Sites

Montauk Lighthouse
“On an historical note, the construction of the Montauk Lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington. It originally stood 200 yards from the bluff’s edge. Erosion is responsible for having altered that measurement by 100 yards, as it remains today.” Liner notes, “Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra: 27 EAST,” Anita Brown, Lasheda Records, 2003.
Today The Montauk Lighthouse continues to face the perils of erosion. For more information visit
"First Light" Documentary
This site links to Third Wave Films, a production company which produced a fine documentary about The Montauk Lighthouse. Very well done. Great photos!
Lenny's On The Dock, Montauk
Lenny DeFina has been a friend since I started going to Montauk in the late 1990's. He is an outstanding and well-studied piano player and the co-owner of this restaurant. Lenny has been a great supporter of my professional endeavors and sells my CD, "Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra: 27 EAST" in his souvenir shop, adjacent to the restaurant. At Lenny's On The Dock, you can sit in a comfortable 'come-as-you-are' setting, where charter boats are docked and the view across the way is of the US Coast Guard Station. The view, fresh catch of the day and kids' menu make this a popular family spot. Lenny makes the house soups himself and his Lobster Bisque is the best in town. Visit Lenny at Lenny's On The Dock from St. Patrick's Day through September and tell him I sent you! --AB
Montauk Dining Information