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Marine Corps Jazz Combo


Today I been commissioned by Marine Gunnery Sgt. Bley to write an arrangement for the upcoming tour of his Marine Corps Jazz Combo. Their tour kicks off on March 5th at Queens City College in Queens, NY, followed by a very special *FREE* event with guest artist Jon Faddis at Lincoln Center's Kaplan Penthouse in NYC on March 8th. Yes, it's FREE! 


Disarming The Tempest

NEW MUSIC from Composer, Anita Brown I have written this piece as a result of having been selected for the Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute's (JCOI) Intensive workshop (Part 1) at UCLA this past August, and a subsequent invitation to make application for their 2013 EarShot Readings workshop (Part 2). Disarming The Tempest is a new work for symphony orchestra, marking my first attempt at composing art music expressly for this genre, as opposed to the jazz- and tune-oriented works I have been writing. It will be read for the first time by The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra in Buffalo, NY on April 23rd & 24th. The reading sessions are FREE and open to the public: Also visit & Below is the description of Disarming The Tempest. For my non-musician friends, "Programmatic Music" is music that intends to tell a specific story. (Update: Completed on February 4, 2013) My deepest gratitude to all the Marines who shared personal thoughts with me as I forged this work. ~AB This is the PR info I provided upon request, describing Disarming The Tempest. (The content of this text is copyright protected; All Rights Reserved, 2013) * * * * Disarming The Tempest is a symphonic poem illuminating the plight of returning combat veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). In AB form, its disjointed A section represents the tempest within, while the lyrical B section offers the inner peace they long for. Its exposition reveals four short melodic motives derived from four spoken phrases, three of which are among a civilian’s concept of conversation-starters with returning combat veterans. In this setting these phrases induce a tempest within, rather than help the veteran infantryman feel welcomed and at ease, as they can prompt guilt, pain and indignation. With programmatic intent, one can envision a combat veteran at a social gathering upon his return to civilian life, feeling alienated from that world. Assigned pitches render each phrase a motif. As the phrases are passed around the orchestra in the exposition, they are simultaneously assigned as intoned speech to additional players, reflecting an intrusive repetition of thoughts sometimes associated with PTSD. Wavering between consonance and biting dissonance reflects the veteran’s conflicted inner dialogue while appearing engaged in the civilian’s social world. The three, increasingly offensive, civilian phrases are So good to see you!, We’re so glad you made it home alive! and Did you kill anyone? The fourth phrase used is the humble veteran’s response, Thank you. Thank you very much. In its development, the manipulation and treatment of these phrases illustrate the veteran’s shift in focus, resulting in a percussive portrayal of his being transported back to combat. Following a bout with his personal memories, the transition to the B section offers increasing tranquility and progress toward greater control over his inner dialogue; a goal of many who suffer with this torment. Progress toward this goal is fraught with memories, depicted intermittently, as the piece concludes with a journey to peaceful closure, thus Disarming The Tempest. The intention of this work is to promote awareness that each of us can allow our brave warriors the reemergence of personal inner peace and optimism by honoring their service and sacrifice without invading their privacy. This composition offers each of them the acknowledgement and peace I wish for them. I am grateful to the United States Infantry Marines who allowed me a window into their world as part of my research. “…It is foolish and invasive to ask a combat soldier if he ever killed anyone…asking him that question is like asking him to reveal intimate secrets about himself…” --Grunts, by John C. McManus “Losing control of my mind had never been a part of my plans.” --Soft Spots, by Clint VanWinkle "[Explosions leave] a sense of disillusion for that split second. The world stops. Then hell kisses you in the mouth again." --Brandon Weatherford, 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, United States Marine Corps

Introducing "Operation Dovetail"


I am proud to introduce "Operation Dovetail," a program designed to assist returning combat veterans and others suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through learning about what the creative process offers the non-artist. Information is available under EDUCATIONAL SERVICES on the PRODUCTS page of this website. To help support this program and other artistic pursuits, please visit the PRODUCTS page.

As a result of my research while composing Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra, which included meeting a talking to so many Marines and other combat veterans, I became inspired to find a way to assist those who return with PTSD through introducing them to the creative process. While there are programs that are in place for those who already write, draw or paint, this program is for those with no experience in the creative process, and embraces those who have already begun to explore creativity as a worthwhile facet of their lives. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Operation Dovetail is a program I have developed for the purpose of introducing returning combat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the creative process.There is no pre-requisite for experience in the arts for participating in this program, contrary to others designed for veterans aspiring to be artists or writers. The mission of this program is to invite all combat veterans to participate in simple activities designed to illustrate how they might explore this notion on their own time, and encourage greater interest in creative activity. A website will be designed to connect participating veterans with veteran and civilian artists and artisans in order to find creative outlets they enjoy. The underlying philosophy behind this program is that engaging in the creative process can improve the quality of life and foster a sense of empowerment. While only one facet of a plan for healing the traumatic and life-changing, unseen wounds of war, it is one that I hope will serve these brave and noble Americans well, as time goes on. This program does not exclude civilians with PTSD, rather, it will first be offered to recently returning combat veterans, in honor of their inspiring the idea. For promotional materials outlining this program in greater detail, please e-mail me at ~AB All Rights Reserved, 2011 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


An Intriguing Invitation

I have been invited by Marine Ssgt Parish (Staff Sergeant) from local Marine Corps Office of Public Affairs to attend the USMC MEOP (Musicians' Enlistment Opportunity Program) weekend during the first week in May. This is an all-expenses paid weekend for educators and other musicians who are considered influential in their community to learn about career opportunities in music, offered by The United States Marine Corps. It seems I'll have an opportunity to observe the bands at work, meet the top leaders of today's Marine Corps Music Program, tour the National Museum of The Marine Corps (YAYYYY!!), get a tour of their archives (that will likely include some of the works of John Phillip Sousa) and attend an Evening Parade Marine Corps rehearsal and performance at Marine Barracks, 8th & I, Washington, DC. Sounds like an educational opportunity I would be a fool to miss! Many thanks to Ssgt Parish! ~AB


I couldn't be happier to announce that The United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon has availed themselves to the premiere of my piece of performance art conceived to integrate their performance with my jazz orchestra. Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra will be premiered with Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra under my baton in Nyack, NY on September 10, 2011, in commemoration of the American experience of our national tragedy of September 11, 2001. While I await confirmation of paperwork, the Captain in charge of Operations for the precision drill team indicates that it "...shouldn't be a problem Ma'am." Please visit the calendar and check back for updates! This is a daunting task so please be sure to visit the website where you can help with a tax-deductible donation through Fractured Atlas. Visit



I am pleased to announce that The Las Vegas Academy Jazz Ensemble has just recorded my big band arrangement of my original tune, "Santa's On His Way" under the direction of Pat Bowen.  Thanks LVA!!  Love you guys!!


"Quagmire" to be performed by the 2010 New Jersey All State Jazz Band


My piece, Quagmire, will be performed by the 2010 New Jersey All State Jazz Band under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Kunkel.    The performances will take place in a casino to be announced in Atlantic City, NJ on Thursday, November 4, 2010 and at NJPAC (NJ Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ) on Friday, November 12, 2010.

Dr. Kunkel is the Director of Jazz Studies at Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ and has served as President of the NJ Chapter of IAJE, NJ Music Educators' Association and NJ All-State Jazz Band Coordinator.


Anita is Included in NPR's "Hey Ladies" Survey & Online Database


I recently completed a survey for NPR Music’s “Hey Ladies: Being A Woman Musician Today”  online database.  My answers "helped to inform a series of radio features airing on NPR throughout the summer."  There is a web presentation of this project where folks can view the responses of hundreds of women musicians who took part in this survey.


Visit the blog or links page for links to my answers.


Big Band Arangements for Judi Silvano

Judi Silvano has asked me to expand the two small ensemble charts I wrote for her over the winter into big band charts. She will be performing them in Israel in early June! We are both looking forward to running them down with Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra in mid to late May in New York. Judi is also considering learning some of my existing vocal charts and we look forward to the possibility of performing together in the future.

Arrangement for Frank Wess Octet

I am thrilled to have been asked to write an arrangement for Frank Wess' octet. The arrangement will be for one of his original ballads entitled "Entre Nous" which means "Between Us." This will be performed by The Frank Wess Octet on their run at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, NYC, January 19-24, 2010, in celebration of his 88th birthday. Come on down!

Arrangements for singer, Judi Silvano

Anita is happy to announce that she has been hired to write two arrangements for singer, Judi Silvano, to be performed with Thurman Barker's Jazz Combo at Bard College in December 2009. Judi and I are very happy to finally have the chance to work together and are looking forward to further collaboration down the road.

Approved for Publishing!

Today I received the exciting news that three of my arrangements have been approved for publication by UNC Jazz Press (University of Northern Colorado). They are Jobim's Sabia (a tenor feature), the classic ballad, Don't Explain (featuring either mezzo soprano voice or alto sax) and my father's 24-bar blues in 3/4, Dig It, the title track from his recording with Lee Konitz. This arrangement offers solos for trumpet, tenor and alto. The charts will be published pending approval by the respective copyright owners.

MORE New Music!

Somehow, on Sunday, June 28th, an unprecedented four-day creative spurt/writing frenzy began. During some of NY's most beautiful weather, I was at the piano, writing like a maniac for four days straight! While there are some things I REALLY NEED TO FINISH, this was not related to ANY of them! HA! It's my belief that one cannot argue with this stuff. When it calls, you have to just listen...and when it SCREAMS at me, well...I can't even take a break to pee sometimes! NO COMPLAINTS! I'm reluctant to disclose further details about the work at this time, but suffice it to say that I haven't been this excited about writing since I started orchestrating "The Lighthouse" right before we went into the studio in March 2003. The germ of the work was inspired by three specific photographs shot with an artful eye and attention to detail and line. I WILL say that at this time it appears it may become something formidable in length and structure, but I haven't quite had that conversation with it yet. Yee ha! :-)

New Music!

Some of you have been asking if I have been writing and the answer is YES! There are a number of things on the the works. A brand new tune has just presented itself in a genre yet to be determined. Could be jazz orchestra, could be...something different...who knows? It hasn't told me yet. But it has lyrics this time...(yes...once in a while they come out with lyrics) and it's full of unexpected harmonic twists & turns that continue to make me chuckle on playback. It seems to be a reflection of an encounter which, in fact, presented a number of surprising twists and turns. Funny how it all comes out to paper if you allow it to. I'm looking forward to conferring with Lee Finkelstein on this one, and perhaps others to come! There is also a chart in the works which is based on an old standard tune (a rather obscure one) which incorporates a line my father wrote, and hopefully will develop according to original sketches to include an additional such line. Beyond that there is an original which beckons to be completed along with some formidable sketches for other new works. COMMISSION ME!!! I HAVE TONS OF SKETCHES!!!!!!! :-)

Anita Posts Photos on Facebook!

I have finally posted the candid shots from my recording sessions at Clinton Studios on facebook. Stop by to check out the cats!

Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra joins J.E.N. (Jazz Education Network)

Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra recently became a Charter Partner of JEN, a.k.a., Jazz Education Network. This organization might be considered the phoenix rising out of the ashes of the bankrupt IAJE. Look for the ABJO logo on the Charter Partners section of the JEN Partners page! I hope you will consider joining this organization. The website has a social networking feature and I am certain it will offer jazz artists, educators and students a wonderful reincarnation of what had become a staple of the jazz circuit. Mary Jo Papich is the President, who was the President-Elect of IAJE as it became defunkt. She is looking for your ideas and has already done a great job of putting a formidable team together. Please check them out at

Former Student in SNL Band!

It seems one of my former students has gotten the guitar chair in the Saturday Night Live Band! You'll see him on camera every Saturday night on NBC at 11:30, sitting behind Lennie Pickett. He is Jared Scharff and studied functional piano and reading music with me as a local high school student. Now he's in one of the finest bands in New York with Earl Gardner, Steve Turre, Shawn Pelton and other great players. Congratulations to Jared!

Anita cited among "Jazz Luminaries"

Anita is mentioned among "Jazz Luminaries" in an article on about The Corey Cook Ensemble. Mr. Cook recently purchased "Wake Up!" for his book of original works.

Pietro Gets Hitched!

My friend of 25 years and ABJO's Lead Alto Player was married to Jackie Weiss on June 29, 2008 at Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappaqua, NY in a quaint ceremony among close friends and family. In attendance were a number of NY musician friends and their spouses in addition to long-time friend and renowned saxophonist, Jeff Coffin, with whom Dave and I attended UNH in the 1980's. Good luck Dave & Jackie!

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra offers up a Vanguard Premiere Performance of Anita's "Remembrance"

The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (formerly known as the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra) gave a Vanguard Premiere of Anita's piece, "Remembrance," featuring Dick Oatts on also sax. Although Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra premiered this work as its opening number at the final New York IAJE Conference in 2007, Anita recently dedicated this work to the memory of her dear friend Dennis Irwin, long-time bassist with the VJO. He was instrumental in assisting her thought process by discussing certain concepts with her during late night hangs at The Village Vanguard following the VJO's Monday night sets.

Dennis was in attendance at Anita's IAJE performance. In a subsequent discussion Anita pointed out that "Remembrance" was the piece they had had several discussions about, to which Dennis replied, "I'm hip, I'm hip! Beautiful! And the sound was perfect. Everything was perfectly balanced. I could hear every voice perfectly!"

With Dennis' passing on March 10, 2008, Anita dedicated this piece to Dennis 'Ski' Irwin. Tonight's Vanguard Premiere was the first time it was presented as such.

"Tonight Dennis was with us as I conducted the band for the first time in his physical absence." --AB

The Jazz Foundation of America's "A Great Night In Harlem" Gala Fundraiser Concert

Nnenna Freelon performed Anita's big band arrangement of the Billie Holiday tune, "Don't Explain," for The Jazz Foundation's Gala fundraiser. They will also record the concert for a forthcoming CD. Their 2007 fundraiser concert's CD was nominated for a Grammy!

See pictures in the Photo Gallery of this site and more via the LINKS page.

Las Vegas Academy Jazz Ensemble Recording Sessions

The top jazz ensemble from Las Vegas Academy, under the direction of Patrick Bowen, recorded a CD at the new state of the art recording facility at Community College of Southern Nevada (also in Las Vegas) on December 14 & 15, 2007. The large ensemble selections included three of my original works: "Quagmire," (never before recorded) "Alexander's Lullaby Waltz," and "Add Venom, Shake Well." Check back for details as they develop. --AB

AHS Class Reunion!

Tonight is the 30th class reunion of Andover High School, Class of 1977! Sorry I can't make it. I'm at home, trying to make some headway on a new piece of music which needs to be completed relatively soon. As you may have read elsewhere on this site, I produced and released my debut CD called "27 EAST" in 2003. I had hoped to send someone a little blurb to say "thanks" to so many class members, but alas, I wasn't able to complete that communication. SO...I would like to thank the following members of our graduating class for contributing financially to this project. Their names also appear in the liner notes of the CD: Russell Bedell, Philip A. Nardone, Jr., Gail Wilcox Catalano, Glenn Ippolito, Ken & Grace Sawaya, Vivian Petty Hrabal ('75) and Norma DeFusco King. Your contributions, along with those of the other names listed, assisted in raising 5% of the expenses, which was a HUGE help! Thanks again! I hope you will visit, browse & sign the Guest Book. You will see some entries from additional class members as well. Hope you all have a great time tonight. I wish I could be there! I can always be reached via the contact page on this site. Please don't be a stranger! Hugs to all --Anita

Ted Brown's ("Dad's") Latest CD Release!

Tenor saxophonist Ted Brown recorded a new CD called "Shades of Brown" for SteepleChase Records with his long-time comrade, Steve LaMattina on guitar and my long-time friend and outstanding bass player, Dennis Irwin. It is has been downloadable on iTunes since September 2007: click on "Links" on this web site. Hard copies are also now available just in time for the holidays! For those of you who don't know, Ted Brown is my father, who met my mother, Phyllis Terrazzano Brown while both were studying with Lennie Tristano in the early 1950's. There they enjoyed a musical and social circle including contemporaries such as Warne Marsh, Lee Konitz, Sal Mosca, Sheila Jordan, Ronnie Ball, Peter Ind, Ben Tucker, Jeff Morton, Willie Dennis and more. Mom and Dad turn(ed) 80 this year, as did Lee Konitz. Sheila just turned 79 with a party/gig at The Iridium in NYC this past week.

NJCU Recording To Include "Wake Up!"

The New Jersey City University (NJCU) Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Ed Joffe will be recording it's first CD this week at Bennett Studios in Englewood, NJ. This recording will include the original works of faculty members. Joffe has selected "Wake Up!" to represent my writing. I recently had the opportunity to rehearse this fine ensemble with four young women singing the SATB vocal parts. Proceeds from this recording will benefit displaced New Orleans musicians. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Krista Wortendyke, Photographer (of "27 EAST") Gets Good Press

Formerly a student of mine as an eight, nine and ten year old, Krista is now a professional artist. As a graduate student at Chicago's Columbia College, she continues to study fine art through photography. As a result of her participation in an art show entitled "Involving Violence" in the "Butcher Shop" (a.k.a., yesteryear's meat packing district) of Chicago, her first review compares her to Andy Warhol in an article written by Jason Foumberg at "Several of the artists in "Involving Violence" remake and reconsider iconic media images of aggression and murder, from brutal lynching scenes to Eddie Adams’ blunt photograph of a Vietnamese prisoner shot in the head point blank. The lynching scenes from newspaper sources are rehashed courtesy of Krista Wortendyke. Her way of re-presenting violent imagery is to block out the tortured and bloodied victim with a pastel rectangle or stripe. This introduces a decorative element to the image, which is off-putting because it interrupts our expectations of the image ingrained in our memory. Wortendyke then traces a slight and careful outline of the victim’s twisted body. These lines serve to just barely remind us of the body hidden underneath, entombed in the image forever, and shielded from the violence that is re-enacted each time the picture is viewed or remembered. Wortendyke seems to be in conversation with Warhol’s legendary appropriations of violence; both make use of strong design elements in contrast to bleak scenes of murder, and where Warhol sought dissociation through repetition, Wortendyke’s distancing effects stoke our fascination with mourning." Congratulations Krista!!

Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra <br>CD Release Party

I am so excited for my long-time friend and comrade, and owner of the "Trombone 2" chair in my band, Pete McGuinness for putting together a stellar band and recording a tremendous CD filled with beautiful writing. Pete is a masterful arranger and has his own voice (both literally and figuratively). ABJO congratulates Pete on a triumphant CD Release Party at New York's Jazz Gallery. Bravo! --AB

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY

This spring, Anita was also asked to join the jazz faculty at Sarah Lawrence College as of the Fall 2007 semester. She will be teaching a year-long seminar in Jazz Composition & Arranging for undergraduates. Anita will join the ranks of this most esteemed faculty, which includes ABJO's lead trumpet player, Jon Owens.

New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ

Anita has been asked to join the esteemed jazz faculty at New Jersey City University as of the Fall 2007 semester. She will be teaching both graduate studies and private lessons in Jazz Composition & Arranging. This faculty includes such luminaries as Joe Magnarelli, Tim Horner, Joe Mosello, Jim Snidero and Rosanna Vitro under the direction of Jazz Department Chair, Ed Joffe.

ABJO Players/Subs on Conan O'Brien Tonight!

Tonight, long-time ABJO trumpet player, Scott Harrell, and frequent sub Scott Wendholt AND long-time friend Ron Buttacavoli were on The Conan O'Brien Show with a rock band called "Fountains of Wayne" (I think...). I only found out Scott Wendholt would be on shortly before it aired and was pleasantly surprised to see Scott H. and Ronnie too! Interesting that a rock band would choose three trumpets over the more traditional trumpet, sax, trombone threesome of horns. GOOD! MORE TRUMPETS!!!!!!!! :-) --AB

Jon Faddis & The Chicago Jazz Ensemble

This fine ensemble recently played one of my arrangements. See CALENDAR>Past Dates for details.

Late Night with David Letterman

One of ABJO's own tenor saxophonists, Peter Hess, played tonight, April 18, 2007, with acclaimed rock band 'Son Volt,' on The Late Show with David Letterman. Congratualtions Peter!

Commissioned by Westchester Jazz Orchestra

In mid March I was happy to accept a commission from Mike Holober to write an arrangement for The Westchester Jazz Orchestra's "Jazz Goes Motown" concert, scheduled for June 2, 2007. Click "Calendar" for details. I have selected a favorite of mine from the 1970's, "Dancing Machine," popularized by The Jackson 5. Hopefully, I will be able to reminisce with the audience while taking them on a journey presented by the notion of creating a jazz version of one of the funkiest and simplest tunes in the Motown collection. Hope you can make it!

A Guest Panel of Esteemed Composers

I was honored by The Center for Jazz Composition's invitation to be a member of a panel of composers who would participate in selecting the winners of the 2007 International Jazz Arranging Competition in honor of Michael Brecker. Selections were made from a pool of finalists. The winning arrangements will be performed as part of the Center for Jazz Composition's Jazz Masterworks Series. The results of the competition can be found at

Making Friends at New Jersey City University

This semester I have a number of opportunites to work with The New Jersey City University's Jazz Ensemble. The first of these was February 22, 2007, when I was asked to rehearse "The Lighthouse" with the jazz ensemble. This wonderful band, under the direction of Ed Joffe, played this challenging piece with great prowess and artistry. I was duly impressed and extremely honoured to have been asked to step in as guest conductor. The band also sight read "Dig It," one of ABJO's favorite openers; a tune composed by my father, Ted Brown, and arranged as a gift for his 70th birthday. At this rehearsal I was also asked by Mr. Joffe to join the faculty of New Jersy City University to teach graduate studies in Jazz Composition beginning in the Fall 2007 Semester. Of course, I was ecstatic to accept this appointment. While NJCU's site hasn't been updated to include information regarding Fall 2007, you can click here for additional information: The NJCU Jazz Ensemble also played "The Lighthouse" at Trumpets in Montclair, NJ on Sunday evening, April 1, 2007. I will have the pleasure of conducting them on this piece on their Spring Concert, April 30, 2007. Click on "Calendar" for details.

Mike Holober: Movin' On Up

In early January Mike Holober was asked to become the Director of The Westchester Jazz Orchestra, a non-profit, seventeen-piece jazz orchestra based out of Westchester County. As a major bedroom community to Manhattan, Westchester County is home to some of New York's finest jazz musicians, and this orchestra calls upon many of them to fill out its roster. Mike was also named as one of the mentors in the esteemed BMI Jazz Composers' Workshop, of which both he and I were long-time members. Mike continues to be involved with Riverspace Arts Center in Nyack, NY and is performing there regularly. He has recently recorded his second CD of music for his own jazz orchestra (in the same studio and with the same engineer ABJO used for 27 EAST!) and serves as a Composer In Residence with The Gotham Wind Ensemble. We're happy that he still has time to be ABJO's wonderful and versatile pianist. Congratualtions to Mike!

Mozart Meets Little Einsteins

I am elated to announce that Theresa MacDonnell, the French horn player in Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra, has recorded The Mozart Horn Concerto for one of the Little Einsteins TV episodes. This series can be seen on The Disney Channel. So when you hear that GREAT French horn sound on The Horn Concerto episode, that's our Theresa!!! Congratulations T.!!

An important undertaking in Nyack, NY

I thought you might like to know that I have become involved with an exciting project in Nyack, NY. A theater, formerly called The Helen Hayes Theater will embark upon its own reincarnation. I am happy to serve as Secretary for the Jazz Programming Subcommittee in addition to being a member of the Educational Outreach Committee. Composer Richard Sussman chairs the Jazz Programming Committee which consists of many friends and colleagues, including Mike Holober and Matt Haviland. Please e-mail your interest in being on the theater's mailing list. I'll let you know when it is christened with a new name. UPDATE: As of November 2006 this new venue is called Riverspace Arts. Visit

Web Site Launch!

Finally, after way too long...a web site! Please browse the band bios and educational resources.