Anita Brown



AHS Class Reunion!

Tonight is the 30th class reunion of Andover High School, Class of 1977! Sorry I can't make it. I'm at home, trying to make some headway on a new piece of music which needs to be completed relatively soon. As you may have read elsewhere on this site, I produced and released my debut CD called "27 EAST" in 2003. I had hoped to send someone a little blurb to say "thanks" to so many class members, but alas, I wasn't able to complete that communication. SO...I would like to thank the following members of our graduating class for contributing financially to this project. Their names also appear in the liner notes of the CD: Russell Bedell, Philip A. Nardone, Jr., Gail Wilcox Catalano, Glenn Ippolito, Ken & Grace Sawaya, Vivian Petty Hrabal ('75) and Norma DeFusco King. Your contributions, along with those of the other names listed, assisted in raising 5% of the expenses, which was a HUGE help! Thanks again! I hope you will visit, browse & sign the Guest Book. You will see some entries from additional class members as well. Hope you all have a great time tonight. I wish I could be there! I can always be reached via the contact page on this site. Please don't be a stranger! Hugs to all --Anita