Anita Brown



MORE New Music!

Somehow, on Sunday, June 28th, an unprecedented four-day creative spurt/writing frenzy began. During some of NY's most beautiful weather, I was at the piano, writing like a maniac for four days straight! While there are some things I REALLY NEED TO FINISH, this was not related to ANY of them! HA! It's my belief that one cannot argue with this stuff. When it calls, you have to just listen...and when it SCREAMS at me, well...I can't even take a break to pee sometimes! NO COMPLAINTS! I'm reluctant to disclose further details about the work at this time, but suffice it to say that I haven't been this excited about writing since I started orchestrating "The Lighthouse" right before we went into the studio in March 2003. The germ of the work was inspired by three specific photographs shot with an artful eye and attention to detail and line. I WILL say that at this time it appears it may become something formidable in length and structure, but I haven't quite had that conversation with it yet. Yee ha! :-)