Anita Brown



New Music!

Some of you have been asking if I have been writing and the answer is YES! There are a number of things on the the works. A brand new tune has just presented itself in a genre yet to be determined. Could be jazz orchestra, could be...something different...who knows? It hasn't told me yet. But it has lyrics this time...(yes...once in a while they come out with lyrics) and it's full of unexpected harmonic twists & turns that continue to make me chuckle on playback. It seems to be a reflection of an encounter which, in fact, presented a number of surprising twists and turns. Funny how it all comes out to paper if you allow it to. I'm looking forward to conferring with Lee Finkelstein on this one, and perhaps others to come! There is also a chart in the works which is based on an old standard tune (a rather obscure one) which incorporates a line my father wrote, and hopefully will develop according to original sketches to include an additional such line. Beyond that there is an original which beckons to be completed along with some formidable sketches for other new works. COMMISSION ME!!! I HAVE TONS OF SKETCHES!!!!!!! :-)