Anita Brown


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NEW! Stand: Movement I. The Homeland - From Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra

5/4/5*/4 (*) Indicates optional French horn part) Solos: Blues in F offers open solos Lead trumpet to concert F above staff. easy $125 This swingin' blues is the opening movement to "Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra." It was premiered by Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra as a work of performance art with the United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon on 9/10/11. Commemorating & depicting the American experience of our national tragedy surrounding 9/11 in five movements. This first movment is in the definitively American blues form and offers a number of players the opportunity to represent the idea of "Freedom of Speech" through improvised solos. Subsequent movements depict the balance of our nation's story: Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra I. The Homeland* II. Tuesday Morning III. Benumbed IV. Valor V. Stand
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