From the recording Alexander's Lullaby Waltz

On November 10, 1998, my nephew, Alexander Theodore Brown, was born. Due to some silliness in trying to make him laugh, the nickname "Woody" came about and it has stuck, so now we call him Woody Brown! BUT...this was composed because of being deeply moved at the birth of this beautiful little baby who wouldn't go to sleep. Now Woody and I like to go to the beach together, and he seems to still fall asleep by the end of this piece as we're driving in the car with the windows open. Upon having composed this its original demo was done in my living room with long-time friend, Tony Kadleck on flugelhorn and myself at the piano. This three minute basic version was a favorite of Woody's and "Nana's" (my mom) for a long time and indeed was the track which put Woody to sleep when he was younger. Woody has since become an expert on sea life.


Sleep, oh precious and weary baby
Dream of a warm island breeze,
Oceans of blue, birds flying ‘round you,
The fragrance of flowers in bloom.
Now sleep, oh precious and weary baby,
Dream of a snowman in green,
All the while night lanterns burn bright through
The stillness and quiet for you.
Christmas trees, seashells, airplanes,
Moonbeams, frogs and trains,
Call to you, “Come along and play ‘til the light”
Sleep, oh precious and weary baby,
Dream as the moon drifts away,
Now as it comes, wonderous slumber
Will whisk you away to a magic adventure, so dream.
Anita Brown Publishing, BMI ©1998