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Anita has been appointed to the Teaching Artist Roster for ArtsWestchester.

ArtsWestchester supports school music programs and other communities in both Westchester and Rockland Counties, NY.  Visit Anita's at ArtsWestchester's website!

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Private Study: Weekly Music Lessons

Music Lessons are available for residents of Westchester and Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ. Free pdf download. Offering beginner to intermediate studies for all ages in piano, flute, clarinet, trumpet, French horn, saxophone, trombone and percussion. Age-appropriate introduction to composition incorporated into studies. NYSSMA participation encouraged for all school-aged students. Beginner to advanced studies in music theory and jazz composition and arranging. Private study available for college music majors. Serving Westchester, Rockland & Bergen Counties since 1985. “Brown has been a familiar face in Edgemont as a substitute teacher and as a private music instructor in the Scarsdale area for many years. She has succeeded in bringing her love for jazz and composing into the classroom...”
--The Scarsdale Inquirer, June 18, 2004 “Our 9-year-old son began with Anita Brown only a short time ago. In that time, however, she has helped him make a smooth transition from his last teacher's materials to her own repertoire and system of teaching. She took the time to get to know his musical taste and interests and has tailored his lessons accordingly. He has particularly enjoyed learning about theory and composition, subjects his previous teachers did not cover. She is encouraging and supportive and ends each lesson by letting him choose fun stickers. We look forward to watching our son thrive in piano lessons with this bright, well-rounded and professional teacher.”
--The Professional-Musician-Parents of David, including a Jingle-Writing-Dad, June 16, 2008
"Anita has been teaching our daughter Piano for three years, and Clarinet for one. She looks forward to Tuesdays and her lesson and her conversations with Anita. She has always loved music, but Anita brings it out in her. Anita makes her work, and she makes sure she takes it seriously, which I think makes Anita a good teacher. We look forward to another year starting in September."
--The Kostroff Family, June 19, 2008
"Anita has been teaching my son piano for the last 4 years and alto saxophone for the last year. She is a terrific, highly skilled, and energetic teacher who takes such pride in her students. She has provided Matt with a great foundation in musical studies. Her philosophy works well for us - he is hungry to learn and her knowledge and integration of music theory into his lessons has made him truly appreciate music as well as become a fine player. Whether it's playing scales, practicing band music, working on mechanics for technique, or just playing his favorites, Matt enjoys all that she brings to him each week. She makes music fun (this year she even integrated some CD background music for Sax) and to me that is what it's all about. "
--The Rappaport Family, July 29, 2008
"I am a music teacher in the Rye Neck UFSD and have known Anita for more than 10 years. She is a brilliant composer, arranger, and music educator. Ms. Brown has taught both of my children private piano lessons and has given them both a superb well rounded start as musicians. Anita teaches with incredible creativity, variety, and energy that few others can match. Anita has influenced my own teaching and approach to working with students in a very positive way. I can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you Anita!"
--Craig Peterson, Rye Neck Public Schools, September 22, 2008

“My son and I have taken music lessons from Anita Brown for about 8 years. I have studied piano, while my son has studied trumpet as well as piano. Anita has an ability to communicate complex musical concepts in a straightforward and easy to understand way. She began teaching my son when he was very young and has been able to move from teaching him basics to addressing the integration of all the instruments he plays so he can see the interrelationships between them.
Because she has not only studied music but also composes and performs, Anita brings many talents to her lessons. This has added considerably to our musical education. As a result of her outside activities, Anita is able to add a whole different dimension to her instruction. We have been able to see her jazz orchestra play and my son has been able to take special lessons from notable trumpet players. Anita knows a whole community of musicians who inform her work and are a tremendous resource for her students.
For myself, learning piano with Anita has been a wonderful experience. I had taken lessons with several teachers before, but was never able to advance beyond rudimentary skills. With Anita, I have developed both a depth of understanding of music and music theory and the ability to apply that understanding to a wide range of musical genres.
It has been a pleasure studying with Anita and we look forward to continuing to do so.”
C. Harary & Family, September 22, 2008

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Private Study: Composition

Private lessons are available in composition, arranging and orchestration for composers of all levels living in the Metropolitan New York vicinity. All e-mail inquiries answered. Click on Contact. Serving college level composition students from New Jersey City University, Sarah Lawrence College and Temple University.


Ms. Brown is available for guest lectures for music programs of all levels, including upper level High School Music Theory classes and College Jazz Programs.

An experienced conductor of ensembles at every level of expertise, Brown is available as a Guest Conductor for school Concert Band and Jazz programs of all levels.

Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra is available for performances and clinics for your school, performing arts center or community organization.