1. The Lighthouse

From the recording The Lighthouse

Sitting on a rock at the foot of the Montauk Lighthouse brought this melody forth on a chilly, overcast day in February. Its orchestration depicts the regularity of the lighthouse's revolving arms of light, welcoming, beckoning and warning travelers by land and sea. As it stands silently, mysteriously, majestically it observes and averts peril. It endures ever changing tides, weather and the erosion of its own footing. Yet it remains seemingly unaffected by the sensuous spray and the violent clashing of the sea. Greg Gisbert's soaring trumpet glistens through the fog and mist of this feature written for him. On an historical note, The Montauk Lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington. It originally stood 200 yards from the bluff's edge. Erosion is responsible for having altered that measurement by 100 yards, as it remains today.