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The following is a complete listing of available titles by New York composer/arranger, Anita Brown and are available exclusively through the composer.


Jazz orchestra instrumentation is indicated as follows: 5/4/4/3--5 Reeds, 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, 3 Rhythm (pno, bs, dr.) 5/4/5/3--5 Reeds, 4 Trumpets, 1 French Horn and 4 Trombones, 3 Rhythm 5/4/*5/3--5 Reeds, 4 Trumpets, optional French Horn and 4 Trombones, 3 Rhythm vox--Indicates vocals *Prices on orders of more than one title are negotiable and payable through the Variable Payment Option feature on this page. For further inquiries e-mail Anita at Prices do not include shipping and handling fees.

NEW! Stand: Movement I. The Homeland

5/4/5*/4 (*) Indicates optional French horn part) Solos: Blues in F offers open solos Lead trumpet to concert F above staff. easy $125 This swingin' blues is the opening movement to "Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra." It was premiered by Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra as a work of performance art with the United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon on 9/10/11. Commemorating & depicting the American experience of our national tragedy surrounding 9/11 in five movements. This first movment is in the definitively American blues form and offers a number of players the opportunity to represent the idea of "Freedom of Speech" through improvised solos. Subsequent movements depict the balance of our nation's story: Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra I. The Homeland* II. Tuesday Morning III. Benumbed IV. Valor V. Stand
For more information about this work visit


Special pricing is available for a limited time when you purchase Score & Parts for three charts shown immediately below: Santa's On His Way, Don't Explain (either version) and Sabia. Visit MUSIC page for clips. These three charts are available for a limited time for a total of $200! (In excess of 25% discount) To place your special order, scroll to the bottom of the PRODUCTS page. Use the VARIABLE PAYMENT OPTION. (Do not use "Buy Now" buttons for this special offer.) Follow the directions to make your electronic payment of $200. Your order will be sent to Your personal e-mail with any questions is also welcome. Your order will be filled as soon as possible. Please indicate your intended performance date, if imminent. Order today!

Santa's On His Way (Big Band chart)

5/4/4/3/vox (mezzo soprano or alto) This fun, up-tempo swing, new Christmas classic is a feel-good selection for the holiday season. It offers a trumpet solo, is easy to put together quickly and runs about five minutes. Visit the MUSIC page for a clip and more information. Score & Parts: $90 Lead sheets are available on PRODUCTS in a number of keys to accommodate vocalists of different vocal ranges.

Don't Explain (Alto Feature)

5/4/4/3 This newly altered version of the vocal arrangement on the Holiday/Herzog classic ballad features alto sax while the tenor states the melody toward the end. This version was premiered by Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra at Cachaca in NYC, July 2008 and featured Steve Wilson on alto. Score & Parts: $80 A rehearsal clip & further information is available on the MUSIC page.