From the recording Santa's On His Way

This tune was composed in 2002 as a Christmas gift for my nephew, Alexander "Woody" Brown. "Gracie" in the lyrics is Gracie McNeely (daughter of Jim & Marie McNeely) and Ashley is the granddaughter of my parents' neighbor. The big band arrangement was completed in early 2008. This track is a demo of Mike Holober and myself. A clip of the big band version is available on the music page.

Merry Christmas!! ..and also Happy Holidays! I hope you find this track uplifting regardless of your religious practices.


There goes ole Santa on his sleigh,
All his reindeer and toy soldiers lead the way, OH!
Flying high above the glistening snow
So look out ‘cause Santa’s On His Way!

Airplanes and rockets, nutcrackers too,
There’ll be ice skates and pretty dolls in blue, so…
Mom, go stand under the mistletoe, and
Look out ‘cause Santa’s On His Way!

He’s bringing toys for all the children ev’rywhere,
The ones who always are so good,
And they’ll be dreaming of the joy this day will bring,
And all the boxes tied up with bows
For Woody and Gracie and Ashley, they’ll be under the tree.

Put out the cookies, milk and cheese,
You know, Santa’s the one we’d like to please.
He will leave your presents ‘neath the Christmas tree, so
Get up on Christmas morning, go wake up Dad and Momma,
Look out, ‘cause Santa’s On His Way!