This piece was commissioned by Katherine Gogel Stubblefield for the occasion of the John Stubblefield Memorial Concert. It was premiered at that even under my baton at St. Peter's Church in NYC. In this selection for nine brass you hear some of New York's finest brass players:

TPT 1: Bud Burridge
TPT 2: Jim O’Connor
TPT 3: Joe Mosello
TPT 4: Joe Magnarelli
FR. HN: Theresa MacDonnell
TRB 1: Mark Patterson
TRB 2: Clark Gayton
TRB 3: Tim Albright
TRB 4: Mike Christianson

The piece runs about five minutes and should be programmed in such a way as to give the brass players a bit of a rest immediately thereafter.

Complete score & parts are available at the PRODUCTS page.