Born Identity: Co-Commissioning Contributors

Deepest Gratitude to the Contributors of the Born Identity Campaign



(P) Private Contributor

(IGG) Indie-Go-Go Contributor


Gary DiMauro (IGG)

Seth Kaplan (IGG)

Nancy Barker (P)

Pete McGuinness, trombonist/arranger (P)

Sumi Tonooka, pianist/composer (P)

Don Messina, bassist (Ted Brown Quartet) (P)

Ted Nash, arranger & alto saxophonist with Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra (P)

Joop van der Leij, Tristano & Ted Brown fan (P)

Dick Lieb, arranger (P)

David Frank, pianist & Tristano alum (P)

Rafaela Gurtner (IGG)

Gale Cruz, vocalist (IGG)

KC Marsh, film industry (P)

Dr. Maggie Donaghue, U of Miami, Clarinet Faculty

Anonymous (IGG)

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