Introducing Operation Dovetail

I am proud to introduce "Operation Dovetail," a program designed to assist returning combat veterans and others suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through learning about what the creative process offers the non-artist. Information is available under EDUCATIONAL SERVICES on the PRODUCTS page of this website. To help support this program and other artistic pursuits, please visit the PRODUCTS page.

As a result of my research while composing Stand: A Symphony for Jazz Orchestra, which included meeting a talking to so many Marines and other combat veterans, I became inspired to find a way to assist those who return with PTSD through introducing them to the creative process. While there are programs that are in place for those who already write, draw or paint, this program is for those with no experience in the creative process, and embraces those who have already begun to explore creativity as a worthwhile facet of their lives. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Operation Dovetail is a program I have developed for the purpose of introducing returning combat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the creative process.There is no pre-requisite for experience in the arts for participating in this program, contrary to others designed for veterans aspiring to be artists or writers. The mission of this program is to invite all combat veterans to participate in simple activities designed to illustrate how they might explore this notion on their own time, and encourage greater interest in creative activity. A website will be designed to connect participating veterans with veteran and civilian artists and artisans in order to find creative outlets they enjoy. The underlying philosophy behind this program is that engaging in the creative process can improve the quality of life and foster a sense of empowerment. While only one facet of a plan for healing the traumatic and life-changing, unseen wounds of war, it is one that I hope will serve these brave and noble Americans well, as time goes on. This program does not exclude civilians with PTSD, rather, it will first be offered to recently returning combat veterans, in honor of their inspiring the idea. For promotional materials outlining this program in greater detail, please e-mail me at ~AB All Rights Reserved, 2011 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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