Anita as Guest Speaker/Composer at City College

WOW!!! I SO love teaching college level students. What a great pleasure it was to teach Mike Holober's arranging class tonight. We talked about instrument ranges, the physics of tone production, the importance of the overtone series and its relationship to writing...and then we looked at some of my sketches in my favorite 11x17 notebook and the construction of "Shifting Tides of Montauk." After playing the melody and its developmental elements for them at the piano, we listened to the track from "27 EAST." In addition to all that we looked at some of their charts and addressed some specific questions each is faced with. Great fun! What a gorgeous building and campus! I have been around New York for decades and I had never been to this pocket of Manhattan. What a most gorgeous, gothic building! And the architecture in the neighborhood at 145th St. is just breathtaking. New York at its finest, no doubt.