Music for ALL AGES!!!

ATTENTION Music Educators and Band Leaders for music students and players of all ages: I hope you will continue reading today's blog entry! Welcome to the fall season. I sincerely hope to hear from you so that we might schedule something fun for your program or ensemble!! With the start of this school year I am embarking on a campaign to offer clinics of varying design for K-12 and college music programs, as well as co-commission opportunities with my new, extended work, 'Slices of the Gradient', for high-level jazz ensembles. My music for jazz orchestra and a number of lead sheets are available on my website. Some rehearsal clips are of unrecorded works have been posted. A listing of R&B arrangements can also be found on the products page while titles of my children’s songs will be posted soon. A more detailed outline of available clinics may be found below. Free promotional materials are available at Please scroll down to CLINICS – Free PDF. ATTENTION: Directors of College Jazz Ensembles! I hope you will give a listen to the mp3 file on my 'music' page, of a rehearsal recording of my original tune and arrangement, 'Santa’s On His Way'. This feel-good chart should make for an easy read and features an alto or mezzo soprano voice as well as a trumpet soloist. Other titles featuring the same voice include Now Baby Or Never and Don’t Explain*. *Don’t Explain is prepared to optionally feature alto saxophone. WANT MORE INFORMATION???? For starters, here are some details for you… COMMISSION CAMPAIGN 2009: 'Slices of the Gradient' is an extended work in three movements, inspired by and named for three specific photographs: 1) Lily Pads; 2) Chac Mol (an underwater Mexican cenote); 3) The Fountain. Formidable sketches are currently underway, focusing on the second movement first. If you, your school or ensemble would like to take part in commissioning this work, please send your interest in reply to this e-mail. Further details are available on my website’s blog. Scroll back to see the August 24th entry. CLINICS FOR COLLEGE MUSIC PROGRAMS: Each clinic is tailored to your program’s specific needs and can include rehearsing and performing my music and/or the music of Manny Albam (see 'links' page of website'. Lecture/demonstration style clinics discussing creative process and analyses of works and/or conducting are always encouraged, affording students an opportunity for greater insight. CLINICS & RESIDENCIES for MUSIC, K-12: Whether you’re interested in a one-day clinic or a longer residency, each booking will be tailored to your needs as the music or classroom teacher. Free promotional pdf’s are available on the products page of my website. Clinic titles include, -What Does A Composer Do? (recommended for grades K-6) -The Creative Process (grades 3-12+) -Let’s Compose! (grades 3-9) -The Composer Residency Project (grades 6-12) -Music Business Project: A Hands-On Introduction to Intellectual Property & Copyright Law (grades 3-12) -Guest Conductor Clinics: Rehearsing and performing with your school ensemble(s) under my baton. For bookings & more information please visit

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