Yankee Stadium, 9/14/09

WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE TO BE AT YANKEE STADIUM IN THE 4TH ROW!!!!!! "Legends Seats" and access to everything you ever wanted, including a great menu of free food, a private bar, all the Poland Springs, Pellegrino & Gatorade you want, on ice in big vats...and a TV screen embedded into the mirror, between two sinks in the ladies' room of that bar. Service at your seat via wait staff. Pay only for alcoholic drinks...so I had...(LOL) sushi, lobster roll & cabernet!! HA! And a TWIX bar from the nice woman coming around offering free candy & Cracker Jacks! I got Phil Hughes' autograph, talked to him, got pix of him from over his head, spoke to some cops...and I would like to thank Officer Kress from the 44th Precinct for the ball!!! And for taking a picture with me and Officer "Jack" Peters after the game. :-) I LOVE NEW YORK!! GO YANKEES!!!! Special thanks of course to my dear friend, Jami Dauber, trumpet player & manager of The Diva Jazz Orchestra, for the guest status. Thanks to Stanley Kaye for allowing Jami so many guests. And HUGE congratulations to Jami, Tanya Darby, Debbie Weisz and the other women of the Diva brass section, playing SO beautifully on Deb's outstanding arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner. It's pretty tough to pay attention to the game when you're that close to the players and having THAT MUCH FUN!!!!!!! But surely an experience of a life time. WAY too much fun for one person in one night. A night I'll never forget. Thanks Jami!!!! Love you babe!! So...May 7th and September 14th. LOL --AB